Meet The Gen Z Creatives Tapping Into The Pulse Of The Homegrown Fashion Movement

Meet The Gen Z Creatives Tapping Into The Pulse Of The Homegrown Fashion Movement

Raised in an era where virtual media and the internet is truly a viable platform to showcase creativity, Gen-Z is slowly taking the lead over Millenials in terms of their influence and creative mettle.

With a power-packed arsenal that incudes creating expressive content, using videos, graphics and fashion to create engaging visual palettes, meet the Gen-Z creatives who are defining the future of all things art and fashion.

These are the homegrown creatives who are setting the artistic pulse and actively merging a new wave of content creation with unfiltered self-expression.



Eclectic, awe-inspiring and trend-driven is how Niyanti describes her style. Her effortless style and a keen eye for fashion have all of us hooked. Talking about her fashion fervour, she reveals that it all started when she ventured into the arena of freelance fashion photography. Eventually the young creative learned to thrive in front of the camera as well.

With a strong drive to constantly evolve with her content, seek out newer styles, and step out of her comfort zone - the young creative is a part of the awe-inspiring group of Gen-Z tastemakers.

Check out her work here.

II. Subojeet Maity

If DIY fashion and affordable styling is your thing, then Subojeet’s content is right up your alley. The emerging content creator engages his audience with thrifted style guides and minimal fits that wouldn’t be amiss on a Pinterest mood board.

Getting candid about his sense of style, Subojeet describes his expression of fashion as unique, creative, and affordable.

Check out his work here.

Subojeet Maity


For Naysha, the sheer of joy creating art translates onto her canvas and her sartorial choices as well. Seeking solace among brush strokes and eclectic fashion pairings is the lively fashionistas way of life. Saturated, positive, and pleasing styles are her domain primarily.

Constantly shape-shifting her individual sense of style, she reveals that surrounding herself with high spirited and like-minded creatives keeps her knack for artistic pursuits alive.

Check out her work here.

Naysha Satyarthi


Growing up in an artistically charged environment, with both her parents being coveted artists, Akruti’s natural inclination towards the creative field was inevitable. An avid enthusiast of the human psyche as well, Akruti also tends to seek out styles that break beyond a surface level of detail and intricacy.

She believes her personal style to be funky, fluid, and fun. With pop hues, fun-filled makeup looks, and out-of-the-box self-expression, Akruti finds her fashion inspiration within the 1960s glam and the fashion girlies of the internet.

Check out her work here.

Akruti Viras


A graphic designer and stylist by profession, Naureen Bindra feeds the soul of every fashion freak out there. Combining Oversized silhouettes, quirky garment pairings, and colour combinations with a rebellious appeal - she absolutely nails the fashion kid aesthetic.

Check out her work here.

Naureen Bindra

‘My style tends to change from time to time. For things like colour combinations and colour inspiration in general I tend to study a lot of art. James Jean and Tetsuya Nakamura are some of my favourites. I listen to a lot of fashion-related podcasts and watch everything from Bliss Foster videos to Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I try to study as many runway shows as possible and constantly consume content that helps me evolve my sense of style. My graphic design style and my personal style are sort of interlinked and are constantly evolving.’

— Naureen Bindra

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