#HGMusic: New Homegrown Releases On Our Radar This Week

New Music Monday
New Music Monday L: Alowala R: Specter, Keya Pothen, Shayan Roy, & So Fire

Welcome to New Music Monday by Homegrown! This is how we bring you the most exciting sounds from every corner of the country and its diverse range of musical genres. From garage to trap to R&B to Indie, every Monday, we curate the freshest of vibes to set the stage for your week. 

Evil Eye by SOS, Ahmer, Xplicit

‘Evil Eye’ is a powerful collaboration from the prodigious talents of Koshur hip-hop, Straight Outta Srinagar, and Ahmer, who team up with beatmaker Xplicit. The track combines elements of boom bap and trap music, creating a gritty and ominous atmosphere driven by bouncy 808s and powerful drum patterns. The track's multiple beat switches provide an ideal backdrop for each rapper's storytelling. With a seamless blend of Hindi and Kashmiri, Ahmer and the SOS duo Aatankki and Tufail deliver incisive verses and hit bullseye with their flows.

Four Year Plan by Specter, Keya Pothen, Shayan Roy, So Fire

Look to the future with ‘Four Year Plan’ by Specter, Keya Pothen, Shayan Roy and So Fire. A smooth amalgamation of sounds from rap, r&b, electronica, this dance-happy track features an experimental and lush sonic atmos. The track’s oscillation between attachment and optimism about “breaking ancestral curses” is surprisingly complemented by its experimental synth bounce beat and draws in listeners with its many inner monologues.

You can listen to the track here.

No Nazar by Raja Kumari

‘No Nazar’ from Raja Kumari’s latest album ‘The Bridge’ is a R&B-rap song that carries a strong personal message about protection and self-preservation. In the song, Raja Kumari reflects on her experiences with toxic relationships and the pressure of being in the public eye, particularly as a woman from a culture that places great importance on the evil eye, or nazar. The Indian-American artist switches between singing and rapping to deliver a poignant and self-assertive anthem. 

Madhaniya by bebhumika, Dropped Out

‘Madhaniya’ by bebhumika is a beautiful fusion of traditional folk music and contemporary downtempo garage. The song is a refreshing take on the Punjabi classic Madhaniya, with bebhumika's ethereal vocals adding a dreamy quality to the already mellifluous melody. Produced by Dropped Out, the track is backed by its laid back and minimalist production.

You can listen to Madhaniya here.

Bend Sis by Alowala

‘Bend Sis’ by Alowala is a fun yet powerful track released via Azadi Records, from her upcoming EP dropping this summer. The Indian-American rapper delivers her verses with a confident flow over a hip-hop beat elevated by traditional Indian percussion, and urges listeners to keep their energy intact. The fusion of Indian sounds and a bouncy rap beat is a unique touch that mirrors Alowala's cultural roots. 

You can listen to the track here.

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