Homegrown Handpicked: A Playlist Of Our Favourite Tracks From June 2024
L: Sanjeeta Bhattacharya R: KOAD

Homegrown Handpicked: A Playlist Of Our Favourite Tracks From June 2024

Welcome to Homegrown's Monthly Playlist, A curation of our favourite releases from every month bringing you the freshest music from across the country by artists that represent the zeitgeist. In our third edition, we delve into genres ranging from disco to indie-pop, afrobeat to dubstep, jazz to electronica and beyond. Our playlist is a window to the heart of the sound of the nation, showcasing artists who are driving conversations that resonate with the contemporary crowd through their music.

1. Kaayda/ Fayda - Yashraj


‘Kaayda / Faayda’ from Yashraj’s much-awaited disco EP unleashes a whole new soundscape by integrating modern hip-hop and conventional disco beats with this project. Presenting ‘Disco Rap’ in the most honest and unique way, ‘Kaayda / Faayda blends disco, funk, jazz, and hip-hop elements. The track delves into the challenging life of artists who monetize their traumas, victories and life experiences, navigating the fine line between profitability and ethics. With ironic ad-libs in the hook that scream “Jhoot” (lies), Yashraj critiques the impossibility of maintaining integrity in any industry while staying successful. The song’s rich sonic landscape, crafted with incredible production by Akash Shravan and Bhumika’s harmonious backing vocals, creates an immersive listening experience.

2. Dheere Chal - Trishita Recs


Dheere Chal is a song that preaches the idea of a slow life. Trishita thought the best way to convey this message was through people that embodied it. Vítor & Nikita, two ethnographers who live in a remote

village in the Himalayas, in the middle of a forest work with local communities to defend their rights and preserve their

culture and identity in an ever-evolving world. The artist collaborated with them on this track that sonically fuses Indie-pop with Indian Folk with sounds from 

Northern India that ground it. The song has traces of Rabaab - a Kashmiri instrument and Himachali Folk vocals. The rhythm section is steady and there are also a lot of manual percussive elements at play.

3. Ratiyaan - Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

Ratiyaan is a heartfelt tribute to Sanjeeta’s Indian classical roots, seamlessly fused with contemporary pop and Afrobeat-inspired rhythms. Produced by Karan Pandav, the track weaves together lyrics in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi— the languages that have shaped her upbringing in Delhi. It captures the essence of a profound love that leaves one sleepless and consumed by longing. “I wanted to create something that reflects where I come from and where I am now.  Ratiyaan is a journey through my musical heritage and contemporary influences, a blend that I hope will connect with listeners on many levels”, the artist shares.

4. Maaf - Chhavi Sodhani

Maaf, the first song from her upcoming EP – ‘X Axis’, centred around coming-of-age stories that  reflects on the urgency for each one of us to practice self-forgiveness.

‘Maaf’ translating to forgiveness in Hindi stems from a realisation that as we navigate life for the first time, mistakes are inevitable but that doesn't mean we beat ourselves up for them. Chhavi's heartfelt lyrics are brought to life through her emotive vocals and a composition that carries softness and strength in tandem. The production, which she crafted herself, drives the song with a foundation of retro synths, a thumping 808 bass, and a tight groove that pulsates with energy. "I know Maaf will resonate with every listener," says Chhavi. 

5. Megaloblast - PATAKA BOYS

Cult figures of the underground UK rap scene, PAV4N with Indian producer Kartik, who christened themselves, 'PATAKA BOYS', released their second single, Megaloblast, from their upcoming album, Thugs from Amritsar.

 In the track, both PAV4N and Sonnyjim pay homage to the motherland, by writing in English and Punjabi. They create rhymes that are cynical and satirical, perfectly complementing their unique blend of dry British wit, and desi humour.

 Built around a sample of the gentle soul record from 1978, Latimore’s Dig A Little Deeper, the rhymes are aggressive, and visuals hedonistic in contrast. The word play is punchy and clever and not always subtle. “This song is about Sonny and Pav’s excellent adventure burning a hole through rural Punjab,” recaps Sonnyjim, adding, “A three week wave condensed into a three minute song. And was basically an overall summary of the journey.

6. Deepika - KOAD

Deepika has become an anthem for diasporic Indians reflecting the emotions that arise from growing up bicultural. Emodying the experience of many first-generation children, KOAD infuses his music with the essence of his upbringing, blending American hip-hop with the narratives of his dual identity that celebrates his heritage.In tbe track, six-year-old KOAD is captivated by Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, asking his mother to take him to India. The innocence of the request is both endearing and tinged with a longing for a cultural connection he doesn't quite grasp yet. Deepika uses the playful premise of a crush to subliminally talk about longing, belonging, and the unwavering quest to find your place in the world and to find or even build a home when you're away from home.

7. Bronchitis - Tienas

Driven by a desire to challenge conventions and explore new sonic territories, Tienas captivates audiences with thought-provoking verses and a dynamic stage presence. His latest track 

Bronchitis is a bass-heavy fusion of Hip-hop and Dubstep that commands attention with its powerful beats and pulsating basslines. The track keeps listeners engaged with a relentless tempo, intricate rhythms, and a gritty, electrifying atmosphere. Perfect for both intense workouts and high-energy dance floors, the track showcases a masterful blend of genres, creating a dynamic auditory experience that is both hard-hitting and memorable.

8. Mehrbaan - Ritviz, Hasan Raheem

Indian electronic music producer Ritviz and Pakistani singer Hasan Raheem have collaborated on a new song titled Mehrbaan. The song combines electronic dance music with traditional Indian melodies reminiscent of ragas from Hindustani classical music, resulting in a unique sound that celebrates the musical heritage of both India and Pakistan. Mehrbaan explores themes of love, longing, and obsession through its lyrics shedding light on the shared musical traditions of both nations.

9. Terror - Reble

Reble’s latest track Terror is a celebration of human resilience and ingenuity. Reble's lyrics paint a picture of intellectual evolution, paying homage to the rich history of her tribe while acknowledging the complexities of our collective past. The accompanying music video further enhances the narrative. Shot amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Northeast India, the visuals juxtapose traditional attire with the vibrancy of hip-hop aesthetics. This visual marriage beautifully underscores the song's core message of unity and cultural exploration. Terror - A Journey Through the Intellect is a testament to the power of music to transcend cultural barriers. Reble's evocative lyricism transcends borders, uniting listeners in a shared appreciation for diversity.

10. Omg - Sudan

Mumbai-based artist Pritpal Sudan AKA Sudan released his latest eponymous album recently featuring a series of warm organic electronica tracks. It's a highly anticipated release from the young Indian talent showcasing his unique blend of electronic and pop music. The opening track of the album, omg encapsulates the sound of the whole album as lets his creativity take charge and moulds his expression through an electronic sound without following the templates of existing subgenres giving birth to an opus that's truly his own.