Homegrown Handpicked: A Playlist Of Our Favourite Tracks From May 2024
L: Midnight Agenda R: sudan & LAVI

Homegrown Handpicked: A Playlist Of Our Favourite Tracks From May 2024

Welcome to Homegrown's Monthly Playlist, A curation of our favourite releases from every month bringing you the freshest music from across the country by artists that represent the zeitgeist. In our second edition, we delve into genres ranging from melodic house to alt soul, UK Garage to synthwave, bossa nova to R&B and beyond. Our playlist is a window to the heart of the sound of the nation, showcasing artists who are driving conversations that resonate with the contemporary crowd through their music.

1. Trouble - sudan & LAVI

Trouble by sudan and LAVI is a dark and twisted breakbeat-infused track. The song's pulsing production, courtesy of sudan, lays the foundation for Lavi's haunting vocals. The lyrics paint a picture of a toxic and obsessive relationship, fueled by denial and a descent into madness. LAVI confesses to silencing their intuition and entering a destructive cycle, hinted at by the cryptic line "murdered two". The song builds tension with lines like "conscience is out in the loose" and "chemical imbalance", culminating in a sense of desperation that unravels yet still maintains a nonchalant tone musically despite the themes of the track.

2. People Never Change - Peter Cat Recording Co.

Genre-bending masters Peter Cat Recording Co. return with People Never Change, the first single from their upcoming album BETA. Described as a captivating exploration of the future, narrated from the past, BETA promises to build upon the band's signature sound - a mesmerizing blend of nostalgic vocals, haunting melodies, and influences ranging from indie and bossa nova to jazz and psychedelia. The album's release will be celebrated with a global tour, 'Good Luck Beta ’24', featuring a mix of fan favorites and new tracks, culminating in a much-anticipated return to India.

3. Pluto - Raveena

Raveena's latest single, Pluto, is a departure from her usual soul-stirring sound. This introspective track, described as "alt-soul floating in zero gravity," showcases her jazz influences and vocal range. Despite dealing with themes of loss, Pluto is infused with joy, a reflection of Raveena's inner child and memories of carefree youth. Blending classic R&B with unique Indian instruments like the swarmandal and electric sitar, the song captures the sweetness of the 90s and early 2000s. The accompanying music video, with its surreal VFX and inspiration from 80s and 90s icons like Prince and Faye Wong, further elevates the nostalgic and ethereal qualities of the track making it a standout release that resonates deeply.

4. Closure - Anyasa ft Coulson

Hot on the heels of a string of acclaimed EPs, Indian electronic music producer Anyasa returns to Anjunadeep with his powerful new single Closure. Featuring the emotive vocals of British singer Luke Coulson, the track embodies Anyasa's signature sound - intricate soundscapes laced with deep emotional resonance. Closure marks not only a highly anticipated return to the label, but also a fresh chapter for Anyasa, as fans eagerly await the announcement of a forthcoming remix project.

5. Ctrl + Alt + Del - Shama

Ctrl + Alt + Del from Shama's debut EP Blowing Sage is a testament to her self-produced, genre-bending sound. Drawing inspiration from her diverse influences like Erykah Badu and SZA, Shama crafts chill pop/R&B beats that both mock past negativity and celebrate newfound clarity. This track, alongside others on the EP (E D R and 4U), explores the cleansing power of a breakup, offering a cathartic journey through heartbreak and self-discovery.

6. Bappi Lahiri - Pataka Boys

UK underground rap veterans PAV4N and Sonnyjim have joined forces with rising Indian producer Kartik to form PATAKA BOYS. Their debut single, Bappi Lahiri, is an explosive fusion of sounds and cultures. The track, named after the legendary Indian disco icon, blends golden era American instrumentals with traditional Indian folk sounds and even dialogue from Bollywood films. PAV4N and Sonnyjim weave tales of opulent adventures in India, while British/Bengali rapper M.O.N.G.O. adds a gruff counterpoint with his guest verse. The accompanying music video, filmed in Amritsar, offers a kaleidoscopic look at everyday life in India, further solidifying the track's celebration of heritage and cultural exchange. Bappi Lahiri marks the first single from an upcoming PATAKA BOYS album, speaking to their shared love of underground hip-hop and a desire to push boundaries.

7. Matlabi Sabhi - Midnight Agenda

Mumbai-based synthwave producer Midnight Agenda tackles societal egotism and self-interest in their two-track EP BAGAIR. The title, translating to 'without' in Hindi, reflects the bittersweet experience of incomplete love and longing for genuine connection. Blending genres like Outrun, Italo Disco, and Darksynth, BAGAIR creates a darkly atmospheric soundscape that mirrors the complexities of the lyrics. The EP invites listeners to introspect and observe the world around them, questioning the shallowness that can permeate our relationships.

8. Mainland - Kidshot

Mumbai rapper KIDSHOT, known for his lightning-fast rhymes and impressive streaming numbers, is back with a brand new single, Mainland. This gritty track, his first for Molfa Music and of 2024, tells a story of betrayal and revenge set against the backdrop of Mumbai's bustling streets. KIDSHOT, already recognized for his talent in appearances like Zoya Akhtar's Gully Boy, weaves his words over a cinematic hip-hop soundscape, a sound he believes is the future of the genre in India. Accompanied by a hard-hitting music video mirroring the song's themes, Mainland is a catchy and punchline-packed anthem, a testament to KIDSHOT's constant experimentation and dedication to pushing boundaries.

9. Miss You - Bhayankar

Delhi-based DJ/Producer Bhayankar delivers a captivating blend of DnB, UK Garage, and Breakbeats with his track Miss You. The track features a masterful modulation of vocal samples, creating a light, airy, and atmospheric soundscape that draws listeners in. As the track builds, it reaches a euphoric drop characterized by fluttering synths that elevate the energy to new heights. Miss You showcases Bhayankar's talent for blending genres and creating a sound that is both emotionally resonant and rhythmically engaging, making it a standout in his discography.

10. Rising - Hannes Bieger ft Shrii

Hannes Bieger unveils Rising, the second release from his new label, Elektrons, showcasing his emotional depth and rhythmic prowess. Teaming up with Indian vocalist Shrii, a multifaceted artist blending Indian classical and Western elements, the track is inspired by Bieger's experiences in Goa during a tour. The vibrant energy of Goa, with its dynamic life, enchanting jungles, and Portuguese architecture, is imbued in Rising. The track features groovy rhythms, mystical layers, and Shrii's dreamy vocals, building to a potent second half with a distorted acid synth drop. The collaboration results in a standout release, highlighting the unique synergy between Bieger's production and Shrii's melodic input.