Homegrown Photoseries ‘Sakhi’ Poetically Interprets The Beauty Of Female Friendships

Anjali Sreedharan
Anjali SreedharanAnjali Sreedharan

The silent beauty of female friendships has not yet been explored in mainstream media yet. While we celebrate loud portrayals of a stereotypical bond these do not capture the realities of sisterhood that exists in the deep interactions and a soulful connection. ‘Sakhi’ , which translates to ‘dear friend’ in Bengali, tries to interpret a poetic rendition of two Bengali women enjoying their evening hours in each other's sweet company. 

The visual series captures the two women in a rather simplistic yet ethereal setting that shares cues about their bond. Bringing a refreshing touch with unfiltered, soft candid expressions and calming green frames. Highlighting the small gestures like sharing sarees to safety pins, grooming each other, reading books to each other etc.

Sakhi dissects the effortless connection with the use of vintage colouring and clothing. Stylist Navya Jayamohan based in Cochin is known to experiment with vintage Indian fashion of the 70s and the 80s film eras. The dreamy conceptual interpretations use fashion as an element to communicate hidden narratives about the protagonist.

The tight and intimate shots welcome us into the world of these two sisters, where they indulge in leisure and companionship. We as spectators notice their admiration for one another and the comfort they share in simply being in each other's presence. 

You can explore the photoseries here

Photography & Support - @anjali_sreedharan
Grading - @kaapi_stained
Styling - @a_thira & @kaapi_stained
Garment Courtesy - @a_thira
Jewellery Courtesy - @kaapi_stained
Make Up & Hair - @kaapi_stained
Support - @sreekrishna88