How QueerAbad Is Empowering Ahmedabad's LGBTQIA+ Community

How QueerAbad Is Empowering Ahmedabad's LGBTQIA+ Community

Anahita Sarabhai and Shamini Kothari dreamt of a more accepting Ahmedabad. Their vision became a reality with QueerAbad, a community centre fostering inclusivity and celebrating LGBTQIA+ identities in a city that often leans towards conservatism.

QueerAbad's mission goes beyond providing a physical space. They orchestrate a booming calendar of events, fostering connection and engagement within the community. From spoken word poetry nights to thought-provoking talks, the space pulsates with creative energy. 

Events like "Ask What You Will" and "Be Seen" offer safe platforms for open discussions and self-expression. From hosting renowned gender non-conforming artist Alok Vaid-Menon to organising the grandest Pride celebration in Ahmedabad, QueerAbad champions inclusivity and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, they create and distribute awareness-building booklets in Gujarati, ensuring accessibility and fostering understanding within the local populace.

But amidst this plethora of initiatives, our focus today sharpens on Tilt, a zine published by QueerAbad.

Tilt serves as a platform for artistic and literary voices within the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. Functioning on a rolling submission basis, Tilt welcomes creative submissions in any medium that can be reproduced on paper. This openness allows artists and writers to explore a diverse range of formats, fostering a richness of perspectives.

The call to action is precise: How do we respond, resonate, defy, and create in the face of such immense upheaval and silence? How do we stay tethered to ourselves and each other amidst the relentless pull of conflicting emotions, both personal and collective? What artistic expressions emerge from our attempts to find grounding in these tumultuous times?

While each issue doesn't adhere to a rigid theme, the editorial team at Tilt acknowledges the undeniable influence of current events on artistic expression. They encourage submissions that delve into the complexities of navigating an unsettling world. The recent influx of global turmoil, witnessed live on our devices, has brought these distant realities closer to home. Yet, the struggles and triumphs of everyday life persist. Tilt asks creators to explore the intersection of these realities – the internal and external forces that shape us.

Tilt seeks submissions that are rooted in these experiences – stories, emotions, practices, and rituals that embody resilience and defiance. It's a call to explore the intricate connection between the self and the multitude of lives unfolding across the globe.

Through Tilt, QueerAbad offers a platform for amplifying voices and fostering artistic expression during a time that demands introspection, connection, and a resolute sense of self.

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