Listen To Armaan Malik & OAFF’s Brand New Chill-Pop Single

TabaahiArmaan Malik & OAFF

Global pop icon and polyglot Armaan Malik and producer/composer Kabeer Kathpalia AKA OAFF that bridges the gap between electronica, mainstream Bollywood music and feel-good pop have come together for a collaborative track for the first time called 'Tabaahi'; an energetic chill-pop song with a groovy beat and atmospheric synths.

Armaan, who is a force of music with an eclectic discography at the age of 27 has a massive fanbase who have christened themselves as 'Armaanians' worldwide. The multilingual singer speaks about his latest track, “Collaborating with OAFF was an unexpected yet beautiful experience. Tabaahi brought out a different side to my musicality which I had never known or accessed before. That’s the beauty of collaborations, they always bring a new colour of both artists to the fore. We hope that this song of ours becomes a part of your playlist and makes you feel all the emotions we felt while making it.”

OAFF is known for the minimalism of his songwriting and production style, which is almost mathematical in its precision and symmetry. The co-producer of Bollywood's original soundtrack, Gehraiyaan shares, “The song is about two people coming together. There is a line in there that is ‘Thoda thoda sa main hu, thoda thoda sa tu bhi hain’ which captures the spirit of the collaboration. It really was a coming together of two different artists and creating something new. I was often pleasantly surprised during the making of the song about how in sync Armaan and I were, even though we had never met before.”

Tabaahi talks about the comfort one feels being alone in nature with the person they love and the safety and warmth of their company without which everything feels like it’s falling apart. The track points to the peace and blissfull intoxication one finds in companionship with an infectious rhythm by OAFF and the euphonious voice of Armaan running through the song.

You can listen to it below.