Listen to Sahirah’s New Track About Being Happy Alone


London-based artist Sahirah Oshidar grew up in Mumbai listening to a whole range of different music and has been spending her recent years trying to tap into what her own sound really is. Her music has been influenced by hip-hop, but currently, according to the artist, she is in her 'sad girl pop' song writing mood. Her sound also draws inspiration from Kid Laroi, Dermot Kennedy and Justin Bieber who has always been a big part of her musical life and she's not ashamed to admit it. 

Her latest track, Rather Be is originally is a heartbreak song, but it’s also supposed to be cathartic. Sahirah shares, "Very often we forget that we can’t really give someone happiness in any sort of way if we aren’t able to spend time alone. The music video makes me happy, it just shows me that I do have people around me that I love and that make me happy even though being alone is important. I live in a country far away from the one I grew up in, the one where my family is. So at times, it does get isolating."

The promo videos Sahirah did showcase the little things that make her happy like a walk, her favourite coffee and cake in the world, the right seat in the bus, the gym, and spending time with her friends in London. Through the track that highlights her infectious voice over organic and electronic elements, the artist brings our attention to the joy and importance of being happy alone, of choosing our own company even if that means being lonely sometimes than be around people that don't understand us.

Watch the music video for Rather be below:

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