Listen To Savera’s Lush New Electronic Alternative Pop Single

Love Lost
Love Lost Savera

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Savera, who is known for creating the entire music album in the movie 'Gehraiyaan', spent his childhood in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. His upbringing was influenced by his grandmother, a poet, and his aunt, a thespian, who fostered his passion for the arts from an early age. At the age of 8, he began playing the guitar, and by 13 he had already formed a punk-rock band with his friends. Since then, Savera has established himself as a successful composer.

The singer-songwriter has released his latest alternative pop single Love Lost, a dark and moody song that captures the sense of a longing for love. With a powerful production and Savera’s raw and emotive, the song dives into melancholic introspection and creates an emotional resonance of heartbreak. "I feel ecstatic to be releasing my solo independent song after a long while. I wrote this song with an image of two lovers in a dystopian world searching for each other. Originally, it was written with just piano and vocals. However, I decided to add more instruments and production to propel the song forward and create a sense of desperate searching", shares the artist.

What makes Love Lost stand out is the electronic sound of the track that envelops Savera's voice. The artist uses atmospheric soundscapes and soaring vocals around a pulsing, hypnotic beat that drives the song organically while providing a steady foundation for the intricate layers of sound that build on top. Savera's voice glides effortlessly over the swirling synths, imbuing the lyrics with a sense of forlorn yearning as well as an emphatic emotional depth.

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