Nikamma's Debut Single Is A Breezy Dance-Pop Ode To Hopeless Romanticism


Nikamma, the moniker of singer-songwriter Aryan Sharma, takes listeners on a whimsical journey with his debut single, 'Ahana'. Released on March 6, 2024, under the Molfa Music label, the song is a delightful exploration of newfound love and its intoxicating effects.

The song opens with a light and airy melody, reminiscent of a "breezy summer afternoon", as described by Sharma himself. The dance-pop influences weave a soundscape that's perfect to sway along to.

The lyrics paint a picture of being smitten. Ahana is personified as a feeling, a "ray of light" and a "hopeful new beginning." The protagonist experiences a childlike joy, heart "doing cartwheels" at the prospect of love. Sharma doesn't shy away from portraying the vulnerability that comes with new love. The singer confesses to being stuck "with your favourite person" and indulging in every "silly stupid feeling" associated with it.

'Ahana' marks the foray of Aryan Sharma, under the name Nikamma, into the world of independent music. The Delhi-based singer-songwriter draws inspiration from his Punjabi roots for his stage name, "Nikamma" meaning "useless" in Hindi and Punjabi. In a statement, Sharma acknowledges the name's humorous nod to his upbringing and his self-described average performance in academics and sports. However, his passion for music shines through, with him expressing his lifelong dream of making music for a living.

The song is described as a quintessential 'Molfarnist music video', a reference to the Molfa Music label known for promoting independent artists. The vibrant visuals likely complement the song's theme of youthful enthusiasm and hope.

Sharma's musical background is rooted in indie pop, but 'Ahana' demonstrates his desire to transcend genre limitations. He aspires to create music that defies categorisation, offering a form of "shock therapy" to listeners.

'Ahana' is a delightful song, perfect for those in the throes of new love. The catchy melody and relatable lyrics capture the euphoria and vulnerability that come with falling head over heels for someone. With its genre-bending approach and Sharma's artistic vision, Nikamma's debut single is a promising start to his musical journey.

Listen below.

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