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Inscape: A Lucid Dream
Inscape: A Lucid Dream Casa Pop

In such multicultural times, it is hard to designate a person's or even a nation’s identity as a monolith. Within us, there is no singularity of culture but several confluences and influences mixed and matched in a pluralistic concoction. These influences find vivid expression in our artistry. Raseel Gujral Ansal, the Creative Director of Raseel at Casa Pop, has drawn from centuries of cultural influences and her own experiences to create the wallpaper art series Inscape: A Lucid Dream. This collection reimagines historical elements to reflect the diverse cultural influences shaping modern India. Inscape is intricate, imaginative, and dreamlike, born from the solitude experienced during the pandemic.

'Eye Right' - gauze
'Eye Right' - gauzeCasa Pop

The concept of Inscape, symbolizing an internal getaway, originated amidst the initial Covid lockdown in 2020. As the frantic rhythm of life was abruptly replaced by unsettling quietness, dreary pauses, and a retreat - it was within this atmosphere that Inscape came into being. Later, Imaan Ansal, Brand Vision & Strategy, joined in to revamp Casa Pop and redefine its image as a creative lifestyle brand.

'His Master's Voice' - Gauze
'His Master's Voice' - GauzeCasa Pop

"To me, it is fond nostalgia interlaced with loneliness. As it was created during the initial covid lockdown in 2020, I think a lot of loneliness that permeated our lives during that phase has been transmitted into this collection, which may also look romantic, but in my understanding, it is the romanticization of that loneliness."

Imaan Ansal, on the collection

'Call After Eight' - shantung
'Call After Eight' - shantungCasa Pop

The wallpaper collection's visual language is largely shaped by symbols that reflect the diverse cultural history of the Indian subcontinent. The combination of Central Asian, Persian, and Indian motifs in the forefront of the wallpapers showcases the embracing and flexible essence of Indian culture. In the backdrop, there is a tranquil internal scenery that is calm and boundless, mirroring the stillness brought about by the time of the pandemic. Inscape also represents a reclaiming of cultural symbols that have been used to stereotype the Indian identity.

'Road To Damascus' - gauze
'Road To Damascus' - gauzeCasa Pop

"The collection is an expression of all influences that exist within me. I was born in Delhi and this is where my primary influences have happened. Delhi is an important city historically and it carries the impression of all those who travelled here which invariably became a part of the Indian landscape. Hence I am a product of this landscape and this landscape is a product of my influences."

Raseel Gujral Ansal

'Time After Time' - shantung
'Time After Time' - shantungCasa Pop

Raseel has had a love for wallpapers long before they became a part of India's design vocabulary. When she decided to create this collection, she knew she wanted the materials to be luxurious yet understated. She chose a non-woven backdrop as the base for the designs, which includes a material that looks like scratched metal with a soft, diffused glow. There is also a gently rounded, natural substance with a delicate, linen-like texture. The Inscape collection primarily features three materials - guaze (feather), lustre (silver metallic), and shantung (silk ribbed) - to bring the designs to life.

'Promednade' - lustre
'Promednade' - lustreCasa Pop

"I feel wallpapers are an art replacement and not everyone can acquire art in a collected form, unless you are somebody who has a natural inclination. In that case, there is no room for patterned wallpaper because art takes over everything. So the idea was to offer the audience wallpapers in mediums which are very special, luxe and yet very subtle."

Raseel Gujral Ansal

'The Hunt All' - gauze feather
'The Hunt All' - gauze feather

About Raseel Gujral Ansal:

Born in 1965 to renowned artist Satish Gujral, Rasee embarked on her design journey early, initiating her passion at the age of 9. At 21, she joined her father's architectural firm, swiftly ascending to project leadership roles. In 1993, she founded Casa Paradox, a design and furniture studio with her husband Navin Ansal, blending artistry with functional home objects. Over time, Casa Paradox evolved to offer architectural services, giving rise to 'RGA Design', a bespoke project-oriented firm.

Inscape: A Lucid Dream
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About Casa Pop:

In 2013, Raseel established Casa Pop as a casual diffusion line to Casa Paradox. It was vibrant, diverse, and unconventional, reflecting Raseel's wish to once again enjoy designing. However, Casa Pop transformed during the winter of 2020, amid the initial wave of the pandemic and lockdown. Casa Pop's flagship collection, Inscape was conceptualized during that time. Today, Casa Pop has transformed into something quite different from its original form, embodying Raseel's ongoing aspiration to express the Indian identity through the fusion of art and design.

Find out more about Casa Pop here.

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