The Future is Now: 4 Indian Creative Companies Redefining Innovation Through AI

Homegrown companies are aiming to place themselves in the vanguard of  AI-based innovation.
Homegrown companies are aiming to place themselves in the vanguard of AI-based innovation. L: Inc42 R: Mandaar Mukesh Giri

The advancement of science and technology is as inevitable as the march of time itself. While the almost omnipresent Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now seen as having thousands of applications in everyday life, it has come under heavy criticism from several creatives and those involved in the creative industry. I believe there are two ways to approach this — either we engage in the Sysiphian task of not accepting the inevitability of change or we embrace it and use it to create something new, as artists and scientists have done for centuries.

While I do not doubt that AI can sometimes be used to create creative and intellectual pollution, that is not always the case. Today we are going explore 4 such creative companies that are justifiably harnessing the power of AI to invent some interesting concepts and products that have never been seen before.

Homegrown companies are aiming to place themselves in the vanguard of  AI-based innovation.
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I. Law Bot Pro

Conceived by Mandaar Mukesh Giri during his final year of law studies at VIPS, GGSIPU, Law Bot Pro emerges as a revolutionary tool bridging the gap between the common man and legal knowledge. Developed in collaboration with his brother-in-law, Utsav Beri, a senior software engineer, and Mohini Giri, a lawyer with expertise in criminal law, the app represents a fusion of legal acumen and technological innovation. Its cornerstone feature, an intuitive chatbot modeled on the Chat GPT framework, facilitates easy interaction for users of all legal literacy levels.

By inputting queries, users receive concise responses in plain language, augmented by web search technology for enhanced accuracy—a feature typically reserved for paid versions. Future plans include integrating resources like case laws, statutes, and legal articles to cater to professionals as well. With a mission to democratize legal understanding, Law Bot Pro not only empowers individuals to make informed decisions but also aims to relieve the burden on legal practitioners who often find themselves educating clients on basic legal concepts. In essence, Law Bot Pro signifies a paradigm shift towards accessibility, making legal knowledge readily available and comprehensible to all.

L: Mandaar Mukesh Giri R: The logo of Law Bot Pro
L: Mandaar Mukesh Giri R: The logo of Law Bot ProMandaar Mukesh Giri

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Upliance, a Bangalore-based startup founded by Mahek Mody and Mohit Sharma, both alumni of IIT Bombay, recently introduced their flagship product, delishUp, a smart cooking assistant designed to transform the experience of preparing a meal for individuals with varying levels of culinary expertise. Featuring AI integration, a touchscreen interface, and a range of culinary functions, delishUp offers guided recipes, nutritional information, and personalized support through ChatGPT, empowering users to cook hassle-free, nutritious meals.

Compact in size and connected to the internet via home Wi-Fi, delishUp comes with accessories and has undergone extensive testing in real Indian homes, making cooking convenient and efficient, particularly for individuals with busy lifestyles or living alone. Available for purchase with a try-before-you-buy option in select cities, delishUp represents a significant advancement in smart kitchen technology, aiming to enhance everyday living through innovation.

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III. 3003 BC

What happens when olfactory senses converge with AI? 3003 BC’s brilliant perfume, of course. But it is not just the product, but 3003 BC revolutionizes the whole experience of selecting the perfume, which will complement you perfectly. The process starts with filling out a scientifically designed questionnaire. This gives them insights into your personality, olfactory preferences, and the mood you want your perfume to create.

Their AI platform analyses multiple possible combinations to finally recommend three samples. The set of samples is hand-crafted and offered to you for trial. You smell and evaluate the three choices at leisure, and select the composition of your choice. Your chosen perfume is filled to 100 ml, in a hand-polished luxury glass bottle. The final touch is the personalization of the bottle and the packaging with your name and your scent signature on it. As a perfume connoisseur, I can’t wait to try it out!

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If I had to pick a favorite from this list, it’d have to be Infivention's invention, Square Off, an AI-powered chessboard. Back in the early 2000s when we watched Ronald Weasley play chess on a board, where the pieces move by themselves, we never thought, we Muggles would experience something like that, as well. It is the world’s first telerobotic, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chessboard. Simply put, you can play against the board itself in real time, as the chess pieces are moved by the board itself, and this is available across 20 difficulty levels.

With the SquareOff app, you can also challenge a player anywhere in the world, and their move will reflect physically on your board! Founders Atur Mehta and Bhavya Gohil began Infivention Technologies Pvt Ltd back in 2015, but SquareOff remains their flagship product. With their tie-up with, players can challenge millions of chess enthusiasts globally, and yet retain the feeling of playing in person, all in the comfort of their homes. These electronic boards have been in use in over 70 countries, bringing together those with a passion for chess in a rather special way. This product just goes on to show that yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality.

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