Better Call Law Bot: A Homegrown AI-Based Chatbot For Legal Queries

Law Bot Pro
Law Bot Pro Mandaar Mukesh Giri

Did you know that between 6 pm and 6 am, a woman has the right to refuse to go to the Police Station, even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her, until it's done by by a woman officer and she's taken to an all-women police station? Yeah. Me neither. Encounters with cops whether you're stopped for license or are confronted for a noise complaint at your party are something we can't avoid. But a legal awareness about procedures and our rights can always come in handy in a tricky situation. Sadly, laws aren't as fun as Better Call Saul and not everyone has a Lawyer on retainer that they can call up for minor consultations.

To solve this problem for the common man, Mandaar Mukesh Giri, a final year law student from VIPS, GGSIPU developed an app called Law Bot Pro that's designed on the Chat GPT model to answer legal queries. Giri taught himself how to code and developed the initial version of the app,further collaborating with his brother-in-law Utsav Beri, a senior software engineer in the States along with Mohini Giri, his sister, who is a lawyer in India and holds a Masters in Law in Criminal Law to develop the different layers that form the basis of the app's operation and calibrate the legal prompts to make the app accessible to people with varying levels of legal knowledge.

The primary feature of this program is an intelligent chatbot that interacts with users using simple and clear language, thus expanding public access to legal information. By inputting their legal questions into the chatbot, users can expect to receive concise and easily understandable responses. It also utilizes web search technology, which is currently available only in the paid version of ChatGPT, to provide higher accuracy for direct questions. Giri plans to further upgrade that will enable it in providing a variety of resources, including case laws, statutes, regulations, and legal articles, among others for professionals as well.

The main objective of Law Bot Pro is to empower individuals with the necessary information to make informed decisions. It also aims to alleviate the burden on lawyers and other legal professionals who would otherwise spend considerable time educating clients about the law. Legal Bot Pro is a game changer that hopes to democratize legal knowledge and make legal understanding easy and accessible.

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