Raveena Aurora's New Music Video Is A Nostalgic Ode To Bollywood's Golden Era

MysteryRaveena Aurora

Positive. Vibrant. Retro.

These are the words that spring to my mind when I watched Raveena Aurora’s new music video for Mystery. The video opens with an old Indian film certificate which immediately ushers in a wave of nostalgia that any Bollywood lover can relate to. Even though Raveena is an independent artist based in the United States, she always knew that this video had to be shot in India as a homage to the nation which is the birthplace of her parents as well as Bollywood.

In an interview with Homegrown, Raveena mentioned growing up in a Sikh household in New York, where she was surrounded by Sikh Shabads and Bollywood music. Bollywood has influenced her pop music, and she admires films like DDLJ, Pakeezah, Rang De Basanti, and Devdas. Her childhood inspirations and influences collate sublimely in Mystery. Even though the music video is shot in Mumbai, it exudes old-world Bombay vibes. The docks, the Irani cafes, the streets, the 80’s and 90's Bollywood magazines, the particular way Raveena dons the bindi and wears her hair in a bun, and especially the impeccably designed costumes — the entire tapestry transports the viewers back in time. It reminds us of a time when there existed single-screen theatres and people flocked to see the stunning Zeenat Aman in Hare Krishna Hare Ram or the beautiful Hema Malini in Dream Girl.

Earlier this year, Raveena traveled to India and joined forces with the talented visionaries at Melting Clock Films and Vasudha Rungta, who co-directed this cinematic masterpiece. The exceptional cinematography skills of Tanmay Chowdhary brought Raveena’s creative vision to life. Krithika Iyer and Hrudhvi, Ravenaa’s co-stars brought their magic on-screen and made the music video shine all the more. RJ Word was the creative mind behind the music video’s impeccable editing and coloring.

"Those two days of shooting the music video, I spent gallivanting through the vibrant streets of Mumbai along with all of those involved in this creative endeavour. It felt as if I had stepped into the shoes of a young Hema Malini, immersed in the spirit of the city."

Raveena Aurora

Throughout the creative process, Tanmay and Raveena delved deep into the profound impact of their memories as diaspora children. Sometimes, these recollections become frozen in a particular era — in this case the golden era of Bollywood. The idea behind the music video is to show how the reconciliation with one’s homeland or its history can stem from a sentimentalized longing for the past, intertwined through vintage photographs and classic films. Together, Raveena and her collaborators yearned to explore this intricate web of nostalgia and trace back the threads of memory.

"Isn’t that the goal? To be loved until you’re whole?"

Raveena, a line from her song 'Mystery'

At the core of the song is the universal message of love as the artist sings “It's no longer a mystery that you are the one for me.” Even though the song has graced our ears for a year, the recently released music video has created a renewed appreciation for it. As a music video, Mystery masterfully unfolds, weaving together the allure of India, the enchantment of Bollywood, and the timeless power of music with a global apeal.

Watch the music video for Mystery below.

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