‘The Kingdom Of Tigers’ Is A Surrealist Meditation On Our Natural World

The Kingdom of Tigers
The Kingdom of TigersAnup Kumar Chand

Humans have an irreplaceable bond with the natural world, as it is the basis of our sustenance, while also acting as an aid for our endeavours of creativity. Through centuries many artists have explored this relationship, essaying our reverence and our inexplicable disregard towards its might that has led to deforestation and wildlife extinction. Beautifully capturing this dichotomy, artist Anup Kumar Chand’s artwork serves as a testament to the sheer power of our surroundings and the very real need for conservation

Born in 1973 in the scenic town of Bhograi, Odisha, his pieces radiate the power, grace, and inherent beauty of tigers, transporting you to their world through his intricate brushstrokes and vibrant colours. His upcoming exhibition ‘The Kingdom of Tigers’ at Gallery G, Bengaluru, will introduce the audience to the captivating world of wildlife art; creating an enchanting realm, where the artist's profound love for nature and extraordinary attention to detail converge to make for a truly mesmerising experience. 

The Kingdom of Tigers
The Kingdom of TigersAnup Kumar Chand

The artist will be unveiling six exclusive pieces that masterfully capture the essence of the animal kingdom from the unique perspective of these awe-inspiring creatures. Each brushstroke and colour choice reflects Anup Kumar Chand’s deep connection with nature, allowing you to witness the profound passion and dedication he pours into his art. His work showcases surrealist themes juxtaposed with a spirited exploration of the environment and its natural inhabitants while remaining centered on the life of a tiger. Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to have your senses enthralled as you embark on this unforgettable artistic journey. 

Date: June 19 - July 3, 2023

Time: 10 am to 6.30 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Venue: Gallery G - Gallery 1, The Atrium, 38 Maini Sadan, 7th Cross Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, 560001

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