Two Point Two's Gender-Fluid Designs Are Boldly Blurring The Binary

Two Point Two Studio
Two Point Two StudioNot Just A Label

When designer Anvita Sharma of Delhi-based Two Point Two Studio started her journey in fashion, one question was at the centre of her work, "Why is it that certain silhouettes and cuts are meant for menswear or womenswear, and why separation in an era where gender equality is the way to go?" Launched in 2017, Two Point Two is Built is a design and styling house that stands for gender-agnostic anti-fashion that's built on the foundation of breaking the gender binary and catering to the entire gender spectrum.

From collections N-R-CO-DE & Centerless.
From collections N-R-CO-DE & Centerless.Not Just A Label

Cued by experiences and inspirations gathered over the years while earning finance degrees in Delhi and London, followed by a master’s in fashion at Milan’s Istituto Marangoni, the gender-agnostic narrative is personal to Anvita, also influenced by her close friend’s struggle with his queer identity. Two Point Two is thus an extension of her ideology and an endeavour to create a non-conformist, inclusive space in fashion.

From the collection Gyne-Andro-Philia
From the collection Gyne-Andro-PhiliaNot Just A Label

Two Point Two as a brand is Agender or 'without gender' aiming to create a third identity that stands for neither binaries, yet for both. Incorporating the colours, details and silhouettes which might be categorically perceived as feminine or masculine, the designers form an amalgamation of both; blurring the line that differentiates the two. And so the oversized nature of their clothing plays on the fact that the same garment could be worn by people of different shapes, sizes and genders.

Two Point Two at London Fashion Week
Two Point Two at London Fashion Week Arab News

Inspired by the representation of Lord Shiva’s androgynous form, 'Ardhanarishvara', the studio debuted its collection at the London Fashion Week earlier this year. Anvita is currently working on projects to celebrate diversity and individuality in the LGBTQIA+ community along with a new collection featuring the craft clusters of women weavers based in the mountain city of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh.

"We want to break the correlation between femininity, masculinity and sexual preferences, that are so conveniently used as ways to discriminate in our society. We want to showcase the individual and not which culture, race, gender or category they fall into. At Two Point Two, we want to create a world full of comfort and love for all", Anvita tells Platform.

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