Watch Comedy Rap Duo 'The Moist Boys' Pay Tribute To India's Iconic Monkey Cap

The Monkey Cap Rap
The Monkey Cap RapThe Moist Boys

A very popular sighting in Indian parks during winters is the iconic monkey cap. Proudly adorned by health-conscious uncles and aunties, while children are forced to wear the cap at the expense of lighthearted peer mockery. Celebrating India’s cutest winter topis, The Moist Boys from Bangaluru, India, recently released their hit single ‘Monkey Cap’. The musical duo, consisting of video creator Nikhil Kini and automobile journalist Vishal Venugopal, claim that they most certainly do not have a secret agenda to boost monkey cap sales because they made some bad investments in the knitwear industry back in 2021.

Honouring the nostalgic emblem of the great Indian paranoia, their sick flow is accompanied by smooth visuals that weave in and out of the different locations you’d find an Indian Uncle wearing his beloved Monkey Cap. The fashion accessory is representative of a nonchalant attitude adopted by the middle class who do not care for fitting in, but instead rather choose to defy trends. As across generations, if there is one item that never goes out of style, then it is the utilitarian Monkey Cap. 

When not enjoying the fast-paced luxe life of models, supercars and weekend trips to Europe that come with a prolific rap career, you will find the two artists eating a masala dosa at your local Darshini every Sunday, but not because they have no money or anything! The Moist Boys are releasing one new comedic music video every week until they win a Grammy… or until they get tired. Whichever comes first.

The Moist Boys are @thenikhilkini & @vishalvenu21
Mixing & Additional Instrumentals by @narsimstrainofthought
Beat from @epidemicsound
Cinematography by @modak.ks
Edit by @thenikhilkini
Featuring @iwsasay@revatishah@narsim11 & @anand.bhatman

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