A Homegrown Guide To The Best Street Food Spots In Amritsar

A Homegrown Guide To The Best Street Food Spots In Amritsar

The pristine city of Amritsar is a haven of cultural spots, one can visit the famous golden temple or attend the parade at Wagah Border. You can also dive deep into Indian history at the Partition Museum or simply soak in the rich ethos by taking a walk through the iconic streets. On this journey it is better to indulge in some flavourful street food that would rope you in with its magical aroma. So here are a few stalls and dhabas on our radar that are simply too good to miss. 

Kulcha Land

A street delicacy synonymous with the city is their famous 'Amritsari Kulcha'. Filled with a mixture of spiced veggies, this soft bread is cooked on a traditional tandoor. The iconic tourist spot is situated on Ranjit Avenue and has been serving a variety of fresh kulchas since before the partition. When visiting, check out their extensive menu to experiment with a bunch of different flavours to create your perfect meal. 

Beera Chicken House

A world-famous street food corner, Beera Chicken House located on the Majithia Road is a celebration of Amritsar’s bold flavours. Another tandoor creation, the chicken is marinated with a range of spices and roasted to perfection. This recipe leads to the juiciest chicken you would have ever tasted and has been followed since 1972.  

Kesar Da Dhaba

If you are looking for pure vegetarian options in street food, then Kesar Da Dhaba located at Chowk Passian should definitely be on your explore list. The iconic dhaba was originally set up by Lala Kesar Malin in 1916 at Sheikhupura, Pakistan and later shifted to Amritsar post-partition. They specialise in Punjab’s most loved dish, maa ki daal with a number of other green street food options. You can further revel in the magic of unmatched flavour by trying out their famous phirni. 

Giani Punjabi Lassi

One cannot fully experience the beauty of Punjabi delicacies without indulging in the flavourful lassi from the streets of Amritsar. The light drink has a cooling effect and helps one with the summer heat. A yoghurt blend created using a unique mix of additives such as jaggery, fruits and even spices. The best place to find an authentic glass is at Giani Di Lassi situated near the Golden Temple. Do ask for their special malai vali lassi for added flavour.

Pal Da Dhaba

A famous chain in Punjab, Pal Da Dhaba is another tourist spot in Amritsar that serves generous portions of ghee induced delicacies. Situated near the Hatti Gate, this small shop is known for their Kharode Da Shorba, or lamb trotter soup. You can also order their soft Kheema Paratha that can either be eaten alone or paired with a number of dishes on the menu. 

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