Almost Gods' New Collection Merges Streetwear With Myth, Identity, & Cultural Expression

Almost Gods stands out for its exploration of power as an abstract concept; applying it intricately to each collection.
Almost Gods stands out for its exploration of power as an abstract concept; applying it intricately to each collection. Almost Gods

Almost Gods, a fashion label established in 2018 by Dhruv Khurana in Delhi, emerges as a distinct brand that intertwines spaces of fashion with history, mythology, and global cultural markers.

Almost Gods stands out for its exploration of power as an abstract concept; applying it intricately to each collection. The brand's unique approach encourages introspection, prompting individuals to contemplate the nuances of power across timeframes — past, present, and future.

The genesis of Almost Gods intersects with the rise of streetwear as a cultural movement. This movement, characterised by its accessibility and ability to bridge the gap between high fashion and everyday wear, served as a gateway for the brand to engage itself in broader conversations surrounding fashion and culture. However, as Almost Gods evolved, it delved deeper into its own identity. The brand’s narrative is rooted in its reach to global historical references and mythological influences, all tied with the quintessential Indian design principles. 

This amalgamation not only centres on embracing the feeling of being 'Almost Gods,' but also aims to uplift and showcase the creativity of South Asian artisans and makers. Through Indian handwork, craftsmanship and opulence, Almost Gods speaks directly to a new generation seeking community and connection while retaining both its local sensibilities and a wider international community.

Almost Gods, with its identity, allows contemplation on power dynamics, cultural amalgamation, and the evolution of fashion as a medium for storytelling. By being rooted together in history, mythology, and contemporary design, the brand sets itself apart in the fashion world, sparking dialogue and shaping perceptions about identity, expression, and the interplay between cultures and times.

The Autumn Wear 2023 (AW23) collection exemplifies these themes through its incorporation of mythology, gods, history, and South Asian expression. The collection introduces the custom Arcana Jacquard, which seems to be the collection's standout feature. It uses a jacquard loom, which is typiccally used to create intricate patterns and designs. This particular jacquard has been developed exclusively in-house.

The collection also offers a number of refreshing motifs. The Alpha Cross, woven into their fabric, is a symbol resonating with strength, dominance, and leadership. It speaks to the brand's overall ethos, drawing inspiration from ancient symbols of power, and encapsulating spirituality. In contrast, the Chainlink motif interweaves threads of connectivity, unity, and strength, mirroring the interconnectedness of cultures, histories, and communities. It's a visual proof to the brand's belief in the unifying power of fashion. And then, there's the Serpentine motif, an emblem of transformation, rebirth, wisdom, and protection. Its presence within the fabric speaks to the brand's desire for a deeper narrative, a transformative journey encapsulated within their designs.

The AW23 collection boasts an array of distinctive pieces that embody these motifs. The Gothic Logo Knit, the Chariot of Apollo Tee, the Flora Fresco Shirt, and the Kardana Embroidery Logo Tee are all reflections of Almost Gods' dedication to storytelling through clothing. The Dynamis Hoodie and Logo Hoodie, featuring hand-stitched kardana embroidery, also showcase the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and detail.

Almost Gods new collection merges streetwear with mythology, history, and South Asian expression and consolidates their place in the vanguard of a fashion movement focused on narratives, values, and global connections. 

You can check out the collection here.

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