Artist Anikesa Dhing's Art Weaves Together Childhood Memory & The Passage Of Time

Ice Cream Melting at the Bouncy Castle
Ice Cream Melting at the Bouncy CastleAnikesa Dhing
Images take you back in time only to realise, you have lost something, and the only thing that you now have is memory.
Anikesa Dhing

When looking back at your childhood, you have the ability to pinpoint the moment you first received your most beloved toy. With this recall, comes the vivid emotions associated with that cherished childhood toy, as well as the particular version of yourself during that period.

Objects persist as memories long after their practical use has faded away. Even after the tangible connection is severed, the sole bridge that endures, the only point of contact — one that over time shifts shape and form — is memory. It serves as the residue of people, places, and things, in our consciousness.

fundamentally, I want to present an alternate form of reality, which the viewers can respond to at a very primal level. Objects are something we all engage with, and even though fragmented, we all form very specific relationships with them. What the works present are just a version of much larger, more complex ideas of loss and displacement.
Anikesa Dhing

Anikesa Dhing thematically weaves together memory and the emphemeral passing of time. The bouncy castle is a powerful metaphor; juxtaposing childhood nostalgia with the fleeting nature of melting ice cream. Transformed into a vessel of introspection, it beckons us to ponder our attachment to these seemingly trivial objects. It is as if Anikesa implores us to ask: Why do these items hold such significance in our lives?

Objects, often overlooked in their mundanity, emerge as the focal point of Anikesa's canvas. These inanimate artefacts, once loved, now lie dormant in a state of perpetual remembrance. They are the reminders of people, places, and things, finding solace in the corridors of our recollections, their forms ever-shifting with time.

L: Licked Bourbon 2023, R: Smells Like Medimix 2023
L: Licked Bourbon 2023, R: Smells Like Medimix 2023Anikesa Dhing
They wanted her to become a Doctor who can Cook, 2023
They wanted her to become a Doctor who can Cook, 2023Anikesa Dhing

Ice Cream Melting at the Bouncy Castle by Anikesa Dhing is a vivid exploration of memory, nostalgia, and the significance we attach to everyday objects. Through her vivacious and playful artworks, Anikesa invites viewers to reflect on their own recollections while simultaneously delving into the artist's personal memories and experiences. As we immerse ourselves in this vivid world, we find familiar symbols that bridge the gap between our own recollections and those of the artist.

My painting process is repetitive in nature. The intent is to let go of painterly attributes and delve into a non-present way of painting, making the image more overwhelming and chaotic. Most of my work tries to do away with reality and gravity, and dives into a fever dream.
Anikesa Dhing

Beyond the surface, Anikesa's work probes the sentimental tendencies of materialism. Her visual language, oscillating between fine art and design, explores the transactional values attached to objects. With humor and vibrancy, she challenges our relationship with the mass-produced, prompting us to ponder why we surround ourselves with these everyday items.

Her riot of colours and lines transforms commodities into a sensorial journey through love and nostalgia, breathing life into seemingly impersonal items.

The large areas of flat colour and bold lines play with the specificity of the object to make it more universal, and act as a conduit for the viewers to implant their own nostalgia.
Anikesa Dhing
Fallen Mickey and Donald, 2023
Fallen Mickey and Donald, 2023Anikesa Dhing

Despite the absence of human figures, Anikesa's presence is palpable in her objects. Each piece exudes an ephemeral aura, it speaks to the artist's intimate connection with memory and the objects that embody it. In this quiet confrontation, we are compelled to confront the significance of these seemingly trivial possessions.

Anikesa's art invites a moment of doubt, a critical examination of our possessive relationship with trivial objects. Her creations asks us to interact, to touch, walk, and even sit. They are then more than static images; they are provocations, challenging our personal and cultural connections with the material world.

In our ever-evolving lives, objects serve as artefacts of personal archaeology. They chart our journey, reflecting our changing tastes, status, and aesthetic sensibilities. Our possessions, both past and present, form a narrative of our ascent up the hierarchy of needs.

Most of my work deals with examining the behavioural effect of everyday visuals. I am intrigued by the object universe, and how it plays a significant role in both personal and cultural memory, and trying to understand what lies beyond the term hoarding and preserving.
Anikesa Dhing

In Anikesa Dhing's Ice Cream Melting at the Bouncy Castle, objects are not just tangible items, they emerge as portals to memory and meaning. Through her vibrant visual language, she encourages us to question our relationship with the material world, offering a profound exploration of the objects that define our lives.

Anant Art is presenting Anikesa Dhing's artwork until September 30, 2023. Find out more here.

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