Homegrown Photo Series ‘Kivaad’ Explores The Duality Of Mundane Objects

Astha Gohil
Astha GohilAstha Gohil

“Neither the world within, nor the world without. An ode to what lies amidst.”

We often tend to gloss over the mundane objects and necessities that make an integral part of life and even our human identity. While the world around them shifts, they stay put. We also depend on them and without their vital existence so much of the everyday joy would be lost. On inspecting a similar entity that shapes our lives in unique ways, young creative Astha Gohil captures the Kivaad (door), through a new lens.

The visual imagery weaves a tale around their essential and poetic aspect, explaining how they not only allow us to transcend space, but time as well. The photo series explores its duality, its relation with a new bride who enters into an alien home and life as well as its role in carrying a heritage through design and patterns. They also inspect its metaphorical importance in art, sisterhood, self and our state of mind. 

The vibrant colours are also reminiscent of the old India that was steeped in traditional motifs unlike urban cities that usually cater to muted tones and minimalistic style. Instead Kivaad highlights the intricate textures, vivid textiles and Indian craftsmanship through each element of the photo series. 

Astha Gohil
Astha Gohil


Astha Gohil @itizwaditizz

Neha Rathore @neharathore_97

Creative Direction:

Astha Gohil @itizwaditizz


Smories Studio @smories.studio


Neha Rathore @neharathore_97


Neha Rathore @neharathore_97

Tanya Chandela

Drishti Bhatt


Cherly Panchal @cherylpanchal

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