Photoseries ‘The Dystopian Bride’ Questions The Contradictions Of Birth & Motherhood

The Dystopian Bride
The Dystopian BrideThe Dystopian Bride

“This woman will console herself that nirvana awaits her but little does she know that every offspring birthed in this world only brings ME a step closer to my nirvana. And them, into this dystopian universe.

I’m a Dystopian Bride.”

Painted under a myriad of unique connotations, the photo series presented by students of NIFT Mumbai is a tale on the contradictions of motherhood. It asks the viewer to introspect their own internalised perceptions while posing a distinct opinion of birth that questions the existing structures of our world.

Layered with different shades of white, under the garb of ‘holiness’ the bride is framed as a central figure who was sold on an idea of motherhood and divinity that promises her nirvana. Her womb embellished with golden hues and a blanket of withering petals replicates the romanticised vision of birth.

They speak of survival and the human need to continue their own legacy as a means to eternal peace. A view that is peddled by many religions and widely prevalent in society. However the artist questions this through the perspective of the offspring, who is to be assimilated into a dystopian universe. 

As spectators of art it is ultimately for us to decide what we confer out of this visual tale. “She stands up, wipes away her tears and a gentle smile graces her innocent face. Almost, perfectly hiding the scars on her lips. I almost feel pity, almost.”

It is for us to empathise with the puritanical vision of the bride and/or question the duality of her state. 

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Creative Direction, Conceptualisation, Garment construction:  @harshitha_ciddula

Words - @nitikarajeev
Model - @whos.iara
Photographer - @_dragon_in_the_sky_

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