Digging In India: A New Vinyl Store Has Opened Its Doors To New Delhi's Music Enthusiasts

Whether you're seeking vintage vinyl records, rare posters, or other collectibles, Mittal's store, 'Digging In India' has got it all.
Whether you're seeking vintage vinyl records, rare posters, or other collectibles, Mittal's store, 'Digging In India' has got it all.Digging In India

Nishant Mittal, also known as Digging In India, seems to be making quite a mark on the lanscape of vintage music enthusiasts in New Delhi. His passion for overlooked Indian and world music, particularly in genres like rare groove, funk, and disco, is evident through his various roles as a collector, archivist, selector, radio host, and vinyl-digging patron. It's fascinating to see how he's not only preserving these musical treasures but also sharing them with others through radio shows and performances at festivals and events.

His eclectic taste in music, blending various genres and styles, promises an exciting experience for anyone tuning in or attending one of his sets. And now, with the opening of his physical record store, it's like a dream come true for him and fellow music enthusiasts in the area. Stocking not only records but also vintage posters and collectibles, his store seems like a haven for those seeking a piece of musical history.

Mittal's exploration of vinyl extends beyond conventional avenues, leading him to discover hidden gems in unconventional places. From old bookstores to roadside stalls, antique stores, and even people's basements, he has developed a keen eye for spotting musical treasures in unexpected locales. His experiences underscore the unpredictability of the hunt, where every new encounter holds the promise of unearthing a rare find.

Under the moniker Digging In India, Mittal has carved a niche for himself as a curator of eclectic sounds, blending genres ranging from city-pop and afro-jazz to electro and desi disco. His versatility as a DJ transcends conventional boundaries, with each set reflecting a tapestry of diverse influences and styles. Whether performing at renowned music festivals like Pravaas and Magnetic Fields or gracing the airwaves of esteemed radio platforms such as Boxout.fm, NTS, and Radio Is A Foreign Country, Mittal's musical odyssey resonates with audiences seeking sonic adventures beyond the mainstream.

As a true history and culture enthusiast and music archivist, Mittal's store is a haven for collectors and enthusiasts alike, offering a curated selection of rare, funky, obscure, Indian, and world music.

After years of dreaming, planning, and meticulous curation, Mittal's vision has finally become a reality. The store welcomes music lovers to explore its treasures from 12 pm to 7 pm every day. Whether you're seeking vintage vinyl records, rare posters, or other collectibles, Mittal's store has got it all.

With the opening of his record store, Mittal not only celebrates his love for music but also creates a communal space where enthusiasts can come together to share in the joy of discovery. With the support and appreciation of his followers over the years, Nishant has turned his dream into reality, and it's undoubtedly a milestone worth celebrating.

For anyone interested in paying a visit, the store's address is as follows:

Address : 141A/2 1st Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Timings : 12-7pm, open on all days.

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