Disco & Hedonism: 'Shameless' Is Bringing A Night Of Freedom, & Music To Mumbai

Disco & Hedonism: 'Shameless' Is Bringing A Night Of Freedom, & Music To Mumbai

Shameless is a nightlife brand at it’s core catering to techno & house music while also pushing the boundaries of freedom of expression, hedonism and individuality. Sparking a conversation about acceptance and self-discovery, this celebration of hedonistic indulgences goes beyond mere revelry; it becomes a gateway to understanding and enjoying ourselves. The venue at Neuma, renowned for its sophistication and allure, sets the stage for a night where attendees can explore their desires without fear of judgment.

At the core of Shameless events is a commitment to embracing hedonistic selves through music, equality, and freedom. SUGAR sets the tone with joyful, light-hearted music spanning house, disco, and breaks, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

This invite-only event is 100% LGBTQ+ friendly, featuring shibari workshops/performances, drag artists, an Intimacy Curator zone, sensual decor, visual mapping, play rooms, and more.

Shameless, a techno-loving community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, prioritizes self-expression, creativity, and connection. The ethos is simple: be respectful, be kind, and be Shameless! Attendees are encouraged to embrace their true selves while respecting others' boundaries and personal space, with consent being paramount in all interactions.

With a strong presence of queer individuals and non-binary gender identities, Shameless emphasizes the importance of avoiding assumptions and encourages respectful communication. The community maintains a zero-tolerance policy for bias or discrimination, fostering a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the celebration without judgment or harassment.

Branded as a wild celebration of love and liberation, Sugar offers attendees the opportunity to express themselves openly. The musical journey through house, disco, and breaks is enhanced by kinky performers, drag queens, and sensual visuals, promising an extraordinary night.

Shameless's debut event in Mumbai extend this ethos beyond a single event, offering a transformative experience that embraces diversity and encourages everyone to be shamelessly true to themselves.

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