Farmer’s Share Is A Kerala Permaculture Initiative Prompting A Return To Our Roots

Farmer’s Share Is A Kerala Permaculture Initiative Prompting A Return To Our Roots
Farmer’s Share

Sitting in a quaint shed, being engrossed in an activity-at-hand, whether that is reading a book or making pottery and slowing down - that is the stuff of dreams for most of us who are constantly hustling. From experiential learning to farm shop and even a handcrafted Malayalam calendar - the offerings from the initiative Farmer’s Share are varied, but tied together with the thread of their philosophy. To break away from the hustle and to not make the aforementioned experience an everyday reality. Seeking to go beyond the demands of the modern world that is chasing money, wage and sustenance and finding joy and contentment in going back to one’s roots. 

Founded by Ambrose Kooliyath, Farmer’s Share is located by the banks of the river Nila in Shoranur, Kerala. Beginning from the concept of food poetics and taking the permaculture, a no-waste approach to farming and livelihood, they are offering a lifestyle outside the pressure and thrall of the modern world. They continuously engage in novel ideas and activities that work toward building a culture of eco-conscious living. From their farm to their pottery studio, weaving unit, bamboo craft unit and more, they are supporting rural livelihoods in the area, while also educating those who are seeking the slow life.

Farmer’s Share Is A Kerala Permaculture Initiative Prompting A Return To Our Roots
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In promoting the ideas of practising and supporting rural and traditional livelihoods, they are also inviting the larger public to join in their practice - ‘to use one’s head, heart and hands to create’ as it says on their website. The facilitation of the rural livelihoods of the people in the area through their work on food, clothing, eco-architecture, pottery, and other handicrafts reinforces the idea of looking to the earth and ourselves, to provide for every fundamental thing that a human being needs to not just live, but to thrive. Through their short and long-term courses, they are creating space for their visitors to learn these practices to perhaps even become more self-sufficient, or at least to turn to practices that are closer to nature for their needs. From rice vinegar to hibiscus jam and from handcrafted sambar chatti to bottled-up ‘Karkidaka Kanji’ (an ayurvedic medicinal porridge with foraged herbs) during monsoon season, their shop is ever-changing and seasonal, just like nature is. 

Beyond their products and their experiences, Farmer’s Share is essentially building a community that is focused on self-reliance, except for looking to nature for sustenance. They are drawing in people who are creative, and looiking to live a life that is sustainable and off-the-beaten path. Through their many experiences and retreats, they hope to evoke values of dignity, justice, peace and sustainable living. 

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