From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties

From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties
Ghulam Hussain

It is no surprise that mango is hailed as the national fruit of our beloved country — for India's love affair with mangoes is legendary, with hundreds of unique varieties gracing the shelves. But a few special gems stand out for their rarity and intriguing characteristics. Prepare your taste buds as we deep dive into these extraordinary finds:

From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties
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Haramzada (Bastard)

Imagine you're strolling through the Mango orchards of Ratual, Uttar Pradesh when you spot a bright mango on the ground, ripe for eating. It's only when you take your first bite into its juicy flesh that something's amiss — it's completely bland. Chances are you've just been duped by the Haramzada mango. Bright, ripe and inconspicuous from the outside while being completely bland from the outside. "Haramzada," you mutter as you throw the remnants of the fruit on the ground, all the while wondering if that's how it got its name.

Samar-e-Behisht (Fruit of Heaven) mango variety from Lucknow
Samar-e-Behisht (Fruit of Heaven)Nawab Mangoes

Samar-e-Behisht (Fruit of Heaven)

Imagine a name that evokes a taste of paradise. The Samar-e-Behisht mango lives up to its moniker with its captivating aroma and exquisite sweetness. This beauty hails from the historic orchards of Lucknow, its golden yellow skin hinting at the juicy, saffron-colored flesh within. Be warned, Samar-e-Behisht sightings are rare, so if you find one, savour every bite of this heavenly fruit.

From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties
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History buffs, this one's for you! The Tamuriya mango is a testament to the enduring legacy of emperor Timur. Legend claims he sampled this fruit on his way to conquer Delhi, and the taste lingered in his memory. Native to the Rataul region, Tamuriya boasts a distinct oblong shape and a greenish-yellow hue. Its flesh is known for its balanced sweetness and a hint of tartness, making it a true conversation starter at any gathering.

Dudhia Baghalpuri mango variety that is milky white from the outside but yellow/orange from the inside
Dudhia Baghalpuri

Dudhia Baghalpuri

Don't be fooled by its unusual name, which translates to "milky white from Bhagalpur." The Dudhia Baghalpuri is a visual anomaly in the world of mangoes. This unique variety boasts an almost porcelain white skin, a stark contrast to the typical yellow or orange. But the real surprise lies within. As you slice through the pale exterior, you'll discover a vibrant orange flesh with a distinct aroma of freshly cut rice. Grown primarily in Bihar, the Dudhia Baghalpuri is a must-try for adventurous gourmands.

From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties
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Small but mighty, the Pairi mango from Maharashtra packs a flavour punch. While not unheard of, it's a delightful discovery compared to more common varieties. This petite fruit boasts a distinct sweet and sour taste with firm, fiber-less flesh, perfect for popping straight into your mouth. Our suggestion — close your eyes and let the tropical goodness transport you to a beachside paradise.

Makhsoos (The Chosen One)

Living up to its regal title, the Makhsoos mango is a true crown jewel. This prized possession from the orchards of Malihabad in Maharashtra is known for its limited harvest and exceptional quality. The Makhsoos boasts a deep orange, almost reddish skin and a fibrous flesh bursting with intense sweetness. Be prepared to shell out a little extra for this exclusive taste, but for the discerning mango connoisseur, the Makhsoos is an experience worth the splurge.

Gulab Khas (Special Rose)

Close your eyes and imagine a mango that embodies the essence of a fragrant rose garden. The Gulab Khas, found in pockets of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, is a sensory delight. This vibrantly coloured mango, with a pale yellow skin blushed with pink, offers a captivatingly sweet taste with a distinct floral undertone. Perfect for those who appreciate a delicate and aromatic flavour profile, the Gulab Khas is a true testament to nature's ability to surprise and delight.

From Haramzada To Gadha — 9 Lesser Known Indian Mango Varieties
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Himachal Special

As the name suggests, the Himachal Special brings the unique flavours of the Himalayan region to your palate. Grown in Himachal Pradesh, this variety offers a refreshing, citrusy taste, complemented by a vibrant yellow flesh that's sure to leave you craving for more. Imagine a burst of sunshine and mountain air captured in a single bite.

Fazli/Gadha (The Elephant Mango)

Size truly matters when it comes to the Fazli mango, also known as the Gadha (Donkey) mango. This behemoth, found in West Bengal, can weigh up to a kilogram! While its size is impressive, the taste is a bit more utilitarian. The Fazli's fibrous flesh and mildly sweet flavor make it more suitable for chutneys and pickles than for immediate consumption. However, for those who appreciate the versatility of a good mango, the Fazli offers endless culinary possibilities.

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