Fuel Your Inner Art Hoe With 4 Homegrown Tote Bag Brands

Homegrown Tote Bags
Homegrown Tote Bags L: Man Versus Type R: The Misnomer

One of the biggest cultural phenomena for college-goers nowadays is the influx of tote bags that dominate most campuses. In art or liberal colleges, it seems nearly everyone carries one; it's become a necessity.

Besides being an integral part of college culture, there has been a noticeable surge in tote bag consumption across the country, spanning various age groups and demographics. They offer easy accessibility, spaciousness for daily essentials, and a fashionable statement when draped over any shoulder.

They carry deep cultural and social significance, shaped by their historical use in various contexts. Beyond their functional aspect, tote bags have evolved into a medium for self-expression. Individuals often choose tote bags featuring slogans or designs that mirror their beliefs and values. These designs range from lighthearted and witty to serious and politically charged. Carrying a tote bag with a specific message or design serves as a visual signal to others about what matters to you.

Consequently, it's become essential to be seen with a tote bag that authentically represents your identity. Your choice of tote bag now speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for in today's cultural landscape.

1. The Misnomer

 Not Another Jhola
Not Another JholaThe Misnomer

Their collection, "not another jhola" redefines tote bags with an edgy, fashion-forward twist. Made with sustainable practices in mind, these totes feature a striking patchwork design using upcycled denim and corduroy from previous collections. Gender-neutral and sustainably produced in India, these totes not only make a style statement but also reflect a commitment to responsible fashion. Distinctive distressing and Misnomar's trademark pop tag add a touch of character. With BCI cotton canvas and organic cotton lining, they embody eco-consciousness.

Find their collection here.

2. Man Versus Type

Homegrown Tote Bags
How Type Artist Manav Dhiman's Creative Process Manifested His Devanagari Totes

A New Delhi-based design studio and type foundry led by Manav Dhiman, specializes in crafting logos, typefaces, and strategic visual design systems that elevate brand identities. Recently, Dhiman introduced a line of Devanagari-inspired tote bags, a fusion of art and utility. The line of tote bags are inspired by Devanagari script, offering a fresh perspective on everyday products. In a conversation with Homegrown, he shared insights into the creative process behind these unique designs, showcasing the impactful intersection of language and visual aesthetics. Read here.

3. Nappa Dori

Artsy Print Totes
Artsy Print TotesNappa Dori

Nappa Dori's Tote Bags epitomise luxury in simplicity, handcrafted with genuine leather and premium materials. What sets Nappa Dori apart is their penchant for eclecticism and experimentation, drawing inspiration from unexpected sources like the Chennai railway and Jama Masjid. The Cassidy Jhola Small, a prime example of their creativity, features a capacious interior crafted from genuine leather, complemented by digitally printed cotton canvas. Each tote bag tells a story, making it not just a practical accessory, but a piece of art.

Find out more here.

4. The Burlap People

Homegrown Tote Bags
Homegrown Tote Bags The Burlap People

"Our Handbags and Totes are roomy, sexy, and can withstand the apocalypse” With rich, royal colours and professional-looking handles, Burlap's totes exude an air of sophistication while maintaining their sturdiness. The robust, professional-looking handle adds a touch of sturdiness to their overall design, making them a statement of both style and resilience. Made from vintage washed burlap, these totes feature leather and metal trimmings, adding a touch of rugged elegance. The drilled canvas insides further enhance their robust construction, making them a statement of both style and resilience.

Check out more totes here.

Homegrown Tote Bags
Tracing The Cultural Resurgence Of Tamil Nadu's Iconic Manjappai Bags

Tote bags have evolved beyond being mere carriers of essentials; they're now powerful statements of style, individuality, and cultural significance. Homegrown brands like Misnomar, Burlap, Nappa Dori, and Man vs Type exemplify this evolution, each bringing their own distinct flavor to this beloved accessory. Whether you're drawn to edgy designs, sophisticated aesthetics, timeless luxury, or typographic artistry, there's a tote bag out there that speaks to you. Embrace this cultural phenomenon, and let your tote bag be an extension of your personality.

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