Goan Studio 'Nāda' Is A Creative Symphony of Clay, Coffee, & Consciousness

A promotional image for Nada and a monkey sculpture with a cold brew.
The brand's guiding principles speak to their commitment to authenticity and intentionality.Nāda

'Nāda', a name echoing the Sanskrit word for "sound", "tone", or "vibration", resonates far beyond its literal meaning. It embodies the essence of this unique brand, which a harmonious intersection of handcrafted porcelain objects, artisanal coffee, and a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

Through the medium of porcelain, the company creates objects, out of which each piece is a sensory delight that pushes the boundaries of what's possible with ceramic artistry in India. Experimentation with techniques, materials, and forms results in collections that are both innovative and soulful. 

Unfolding the layers of Nāda, we encounter their three core values: Alive Objects, Focus on Raw, and Honoring Simplicity. These guiding principles speak to the brand's commitment to authenticity and intentionality. Their creations are not mere mass-produced items; they are imbued with life; a reflection of the skilled artisans who bring them into being. The emphasis on 'raw' underscores Nāda's appreciation for natural beauty and unadulterated materials. Finally, the focus on simplicity resonates with a growing movement towards minimalism and mindful living. In a world often saturated with excess, Nāda offers a refreshing perspective, reminding us of the power of beauty found in the essentials.

Nāda aspires to cultivate a community – a gathering place for those who cherish the legacy and history of Indian ceramics. Their handcrafted pieces are testaments to this rich tradition, each one imbued with a sense of timeless quality.

Situated on India's southwestern Konkan coast, this region provides inspiration for Nāda's creations and it is this setting that is used to create Nāda's objects, all of which draw from the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the region.

Within their space is the 45 Tasting Room, dedicated to coffee. This room focuses on the flavors and aromas of coffee. The team at 45 Tasting Room aims to create an invigorating and satisfying experience. They believe that exceptional coffee is more than just a beverage, it is an experience. This nook provides an inviting ambience to relax and enjoy coffee culture.

Ultimately, Nāda is a symphony of senses. It's the gentle caress of a hand-glazed porcelain cup, the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the sound of waves crashing against the Goan shore.