Heritage & Hospitality Converge At The Kelso House: Ooty's Best-Kept Secret

Heritage & Hospitality Converge At The Kelso House: Ooty's Best-Kept Secret

As one of the first settlements in Ooty, the Kelso House has seen the town blossom from a fledgling hill station to a popular tourist destination. This 200-year-old homestay in Ooty steeped in local lore and tradition, it's been home to generations of the same family. 

The architecture whispers stories of a different time, its form and name echoing the grandeur of the colonial era. There's an unmistakable Ooty charm that weaves its way through every detail. Imagine elegant doorways, expansive hallways, and décor diligently chosen to create an experience of the time.

Kelso House has nearly witnessed the birth of the famed hill station of Ooty. Built in the year 1827,  the town itself was brand new, it witnessed the transformation of a remote region into a popular colonial retreat. In a way, the history of Ooty and Kelso are intertwined.  A stay here is experiencing the soul of Ooty through the eyes of those who have known it for centuries.

The Kelso family, the custodians of this legacy, open their doors not just to guests, but to a world steeped in tradition. Their deep-rooted connection to the land and its people is evident in every detail. Their warmth and hospitality are legendary, an extension of the unconditional love that has resonated within these walls for generations. 

Kelso House embodies the colonial architectural style, a visual narrative of a bygone era. The grand structure, with its meticulously designed interiors and elegant furnishings, transports you back in time.  But the colonial influence is just the first layer.  Looking closer, you'll find the unique essence of Ooty woven into the décor.  Waking up to the gentle kiss of cool mountain breezes in the beautifully landscaped courtyard, or curling up by a crackling fireplace with a good book.

Moreover, Kelso House is a springboard for exploration.  From its vantage point, you can witness the beauty of the Nilgiris unfold. A rare opportunity to explore the town of Ooty with a newfound perspective, understanding the richness of the place through the lens of the Kelso family's long association with the region.

Afternoons can be spent exploring the nooks and crannies of Kelso House. Modern amenities effortlessly blend with the historical charm at Kelso House. The rooms, tastefully decorated, offer a spacee of comfort after a day of exploration.  The conscientious attention to detail, from the well-maintained interiors to the breathtaking views which is boosted 

With the help of courteous staff who cater to your every need, ensuring a truly personalised experience.  The delicious food, prepared with care and attention to detail, caters to both local flavours and your specific preferences.

Kelso House is often regarded as Ooty's best kept secret waiting to be discovered. One can easily find themselves leaving the Kelso house with a newfound appreciation for history, a connection with a land steeped in tradition, and the warmth of a genuine family.