Housed In A 130-Year-Old Outhouse, Grumps Goa's Charm Lies In Its Sense Of Humour

Grumps Goa's Lime & Chilli Chonak and the restored 1930s Outhouse
The friendly neighbourhood eatery is a space that they have built with the hope of cheering up all the ‘grumps’ that visit them.Grumps Goa

When my editor here at Homegrown India shared the profile of Grumps Goa with me, he accidentally shared the bum-centric chopstick holder’s video instead of the restaurant’s profile. Between immature laughs, I told him how it reminded me of the ‘Hi Stranger’ short from nearly a decade ago. But the precedent of what to expect when writing about the restaurant was already set - this is not an establishment that doesn’t seek a refined image, but rather a light, fun one.

Grumps is a neighbourhood bar and eatery with fun Asian food, and inspired cocktails, all topped with a huge helping of character on the side. Crafted by Nada Goa, the bum-centric object aptly captures the mood of Grumps too - fun and cheeky - quite literally. Noting the fact that most of us, including the owners of the restaurants, have been called ‘grumps’ some time in our life, the friendly neighbourhood eatery is a space that they have built with the hope of cheering up all the ‘grumps’ that visit them.

Since launching in January this year, the restaurant located in the comparatively less crowded part of Sangolda in Goa has become beloved for its short but inspired menu, the beauty of the property from the 1930s that has been lovingly restored and the overall attitude of being a venture walking the thin line of quality offerings, beautiful setting, all while not taking themselves too seriously. The power of ‘word of mouth’ marketing is something that founding duo Kartik Vasudeva and Agrini Satyarthi, both with extensive experience in managing and marketing restaurants, strongly believe in. But evidently, the approach has worked for Grumps considering all the features and endorsements from gourmands who’ve visited them in its 6 months of being functional. 

The dark and quiet setting of the bar with space to sit both inside and outside, the bar, and a relaxed garden with fruit trees to sit amidst, all make Grumps an inspired neighbourhood hub. The details of the restaurant range from truly Goan touches such as laterite stone, cane-backed chairs, a mural by illustrator Saumya Shukla and multiple photographs of Goa by Sachin Soni accenting and highlighting different walls and corners of the restored outhouse. 

Featuring Asian-inspired tapas with a playful twist here and a little innovation there, the menu from Grumps features both vegetarian and nonvegetarian fares, with exceptional flavours and presentation. Some of the beloved dishes on the menu include Lamb Krapow Kebab and Slow Cooked Beef Croquettes to Butter Garlic Prawns with Yuzu, Fermented Chilli, and Crispy Undo. They even have unique offerings like Rendang Ros complete with pulled pork shank and a Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Hot Sichuan Honey. 

What is a friendly neighbourhood bar in Goa if it’s not innovative in how they’ve approached their drinks menu? The offerings from Grumps prominently feature cocktails that use local offerings like Feni, Urrak and even seasonal fruits. In the ‘spirit’ of not taking themselves too seriously, the cocktails on the menu are named after popular songs - from the whiskey and sweet bun syrup drink called "I Love the Dough" to the Stand By Me that features Tequila, Guava, Sumac, and Basil, and even the ‘Nimble Bastard’, which is a lemony drink with Gin, Bourbon, and Strawberry.

Grumps Goa's Lime & Chilli Chonak and the restored 1930s Outhouse
Move Over Gin; Tequila's The New Kid On The Homegrown Alco-Bev Block

A friendly, comforting space built for grumps to come in and leave a little less grumpy, the service and people of Grumps are spoken of as much as their offerings in every feature I could find regarding them. With their fun, light energy, and seating among lush trees in an uncrowded neighbourhood, Grumps is a place that has been built to turn their customers into friends who come back time and again.  

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