Redefining Rooftops: A Tiled Kerala Roof Doubles As An Amphitheater

Redefining Rooftops: A Tiled Kerala Roof Doubles As An Amphitheater

Rooftops hold a special place in the hearts of Indians, serving as multifunctional spaces for family gatherings, solitary contemplation, and everyday chores. These elevated havens have ingrained themselves into the cultural fabric of India, acting as extensions of our homes and communal spaces. It is within this cultural context that the Nisarga Art Hub in Ernakulam, Kerala, designed by Wallmakers, comes to life, redefining the concept of a rooftop as a dynamic amphitheatre.

Crafted as a collaborative residency for the community, Nisarga Art Hub stands amidst the serene backdrop of a traditional Kerala paddy field. Embracing the essence of the region, the architectural design draws inspiration from the iconic Kerala roofs, renowned for their signature sloping tiled surfaces that offer impeccable insulation and temperature control. However, recognizing the potential for dim interiors within these structures, the architects ingeniously integrated skylights, allowing natural light to permeate the space and infuse it with an ethereal ambiance.

With a keen eye for spatial harmony, the 35° angle of the hub's roof seamlessly aligns with the 30° slope of the Open-Air Amphitheatre, ingeniously transforming the skylights into functional seating areas for the audience. The deliberate segregation of the hub's entrance ensures uninterrupted activities above, while opening into a spacious living area that offers breathtaking vistas of the verdant paddy fields. Rooted in the cultural heritage of Kerala yet embracing contemporary design sensibilities, the Nisarga Art Hub stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, inviting the community to gather, engage, and revel in the beauty of art and culture.

The Nisarga Art Hub is designed by architects Vinu Daniel, Oshin Mariam Varughese, Subhrodipta Ghosh and Rosh V Saji.

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