A Film Shining Light On India’s Vibrant North-Eastern Biodiversity

A Film Shining Light On India’s Vibrant North-Eastern Biodiversity
Sahana Ghosh

The mosaic of forests within India’s northeastern states abounds in an incredible range of biotic diversity, ranging from rare plants and ancient trees with seemingly infinite lifespans to fascinating species of insects and animals.

Produced by TERI, an independent, multi-dimensional research institute fostering sustainable and inclusive development, Back to the Roots discusses the importance of biodiversity and heritage, specifically in India’s northeast, which consists of regions habited by communities such as the Khasis of Meghalaya, the Meiteis of Manipur and the Vaishnav monasteries of Assam.

Highlighting the living bonds these communities have with the land, the documentary sheds light on the rural green interiors where trees have intricate histories and people worship the sacred fertile land. In the film, the Khasi tour guide speaks about ‘the brown bull sacrifice’ where a bull is sacrificed only in a time of epidemic, plague or war as a homage to the gods above.

Spotlighting indigenous heritage and the vitality of the earth, Back to the Roots beautifully showcases the cultural power of the environment with us –- the human race –- its tenants.

You can watch the entire film here.

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