Lights, Camera, Glam: 5 Homegrown Makeup Artists Creating Norm-Defying Beauty Looks

Lights, Camera, Glam: 5 Homegrown Makeup Artists Creating Norm-Defying Beauty Looks

Makeup is no longer limited to camouflaging dark circles, or confining ourselves to no makeup looks in fears of being told to tone it down or to fit into the soft glam criteria. Who says one must stick to an occasional bold lip or pretty eye combo? The makeup artists of today are getting adventurous as they weave magic with every stroke of eyeliner and every sliver of glitter.

Treating their faces as a blank canvas, an Indian movement of makeup artists are redefining the prim and proper rules of beauty to add a creative spin that oscillates between moody, fun, and fierce at all times. Helping you sift through a barrage of inspiration accounts, we bring you the best makeup whizzes cultivating a vibrant and vivid notion of self-creation through makeup.

I. Coco Balluci

Meet Coco Balluci, the emerging makeup influencer breaking gender stereotypes with her vibrant and bohemian makeup that has proven to be impactful in the ever-expanding creative environment in India. Scrolling through Coco Balluci’s feed leaves the viewer captivated and convinced of the power of makeup in celebrating beauty and creativity.

The makeup artist has carved her niche in the industry by working with celebrities like Neeru Bajwa and Sara Gurpal, among others. Other than being a full-time Makeup Artist, Coco is known for creating refreshing makeup and dishing trademark beauty secrets for her growing following on Instagram.

View her work here.

II. Deepika Sridharan

The Chennai based makeup artist seems to be going viral for her knack for versatile aesthetics and editorial masterpieces on artists rather than for the celebrities she works with. Touting a long list of campaigns, music videos, and even a Vogue feature — Sridharan’s range of artistry knows no bounds. From goth realness to candy floss eye shadows and even customized bridal looks, the new age creative does it all. If you catch your favourite indie music videos by the likes of F16s and Lucky Ali, make sure to admire Deepika’s glam beat and take notes!

View her work here.

Homegrown makeup creatives

III. Subiksha Shivakumar

Be prepared to get some fun and colourful makeup inspiration from this model turned beauty influencer’s Instagram feed. Conjuring all our Euphoria dreams into reality, Subiksha plays around with graphic liners, rhinestone-studded eyes and bright-hued lips that suit every skin tone.

Peep her Instagram the next time you feel like making a statement with your makeup or perfecting that Instagram makeup look donned by your favourite celebrities.

View her work here.

IV. Nimishaa

Nimisha’s Instagram is a masterpiece in itself; featuring a slew of looks that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Think beachy faces, Babushka-baddie looks, strong brows, and a heavy dose of Indian jewellery. Flitting from a 90’s Mumtaz updo to a rockstar-girlfriend-punk aesthetic, there’s never a dull moment with Nimisha’s trove of beauty inspiration.

Creating looks that channel her current mood and energy, the self-taught artist has built a strong connection with her followers as she dabbles in other mediums of art as well.

View her work here.

V. Harshleen Jhans

Harshleen’s serves on makeup are perhaps not for the faint-hearted. What can be described only as futuristic and captivatingly bizarre, Harshleen is a master at creating alt makeup looks and anime-inspired face transitions that are shockingly on point. Emphasizing the artistry aspect of makeup, she re-imagines the future of beauty that inclines towards unorthodox, norm-defying looks.

Utilising her aesthetic freedom, the young creative isn’t afraid to depict rule-breaking versions of herself on Instagram; some intriguing and some disturbing. We leave it up to you to form an opinion.

View her work here.

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