Mumbai, This Weekend We're Throwing An After Party Ft. Tech Panda & Kenzani

Tech Panda x Kenzani
Tech Panda x KenzaniTech Panda x Kenzani have amassed millions of streams for their fusion Indian electronica

This weekend, Homegrown and Dewar's are going to be premiering the first edition of Dewar's ‘Stay Curious HQ’ at IFBE, Mumbai. Dewar's ‘Stay Curious HQ’ is a breakthrough platform designed to evoke curiosity and pave the way for fascinating artistic collaborations.

It's going to be a meticulously curated evening full of creative synergy, never-before-seen experiences, and limitless excitement, where boundaries will evaporate, and exploration will reign unchecked.

One of the highlights is going to be a rip-roaring musical performance by Tech Panda and Kenzani, where they will unleash a maelstrom of techno, down tempo and trip hop, sure to send the audience into sensorial ecstasy. The biggest draw of their style is how deftly they rehash Indian rhapsodies within the ethos of their fusion electronica. As they play with these sonic elements, the Delhi based duo (known for their hit songs 'Sawariya' and 'Dilbar') will be crafting an immaculate vibe to let your hair down at the end of the evening.

City: Mumbai
Date: Saturday July 15, 2023
Time: 10.30 PM Onwards
Venue: IFBE, Ballard Estate

You can buy tickets here.

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