This Weekend, Goan Cafe Padaria Prazeres Is Bringing A Delicious Easter Pop-Up To Mumbai

Padaria Prazeres' menu focuses on Europe-inspired café fare, with everything from viennoiserie and patisserie to boulangerie and savouries.
Padaria Prazeres' menu focuses on Europe-inspired café fare, with everything from viennoiserie and patisserie to boulangerie and savouries.Padaria Prazeres

Imagine sinking your teeth into a crispy, flaky tart filled with warm, velvety custard that oozes with every bite. It's a symphony of contrasting textures and flavours that leave you craving for more. Nestled in the vibrant lanes of Fontainhas, Goa's Latin quarters, these Portuguese tarts can be found at Padaria Prazeres, a cosy, artisanal bakery & cafe rooted in European culinary traditions. The cafe’s menu focuses on Europe-inspired café fare, with everything from viennoiserie and patisserie to boulangerie and savouries. Apart from the egg tarts that have been their bestsellers for a while, Homegrown also recommends the Berliner — a German doughnut, stuffed with a variety of fillings like custard, dark chocolate and our favourite — jam.

Founded by the Goa-born husband and wife duo, Ralph and Stacy, Padaria Prazeres is not just a place to eat — it's a playground of passion for the couple, creating moments of pure delight through food. This Easter, Padaria Prazeres and Praca Prazeres, a traditional European restaurant and the couple’s recent venture will arrive in Mumbai at Slink & Bardot for a pop-up celebrating classic dishes with no-frills, featuring treasured Easter recipes passed down through generations of Chef Ralph Prazeres’ family, made with love and tradition.

The pop-up menu at Slink & Bardot promises a delightful journey through Goan culinary heritage. From the small plates, expect a tantalising array of Goan Breads served with Balchao Butter, Cafreal Butter, and Chicken Liver Mousse, showcasing the rich and diverse flavours of Goa. For a unique twist, try the Goan Sausage Stuffed Olives paired with creamy yogurt or the Forminhas with Potato & Sour Cream Mash, Pickled Carrots, and Buttered Split Peas.

Moving on to the mains, dive into the Pan Roast Fish with Caldeirada base and Fennel Onion Salad or savour the classic Goan Roast Chicken with Roasted Onion Gravy and Mash. Pork Feijoada, a hearty favourite, will also be on offer, accompanied by Mash Potato, Fried Egg, and Bread, capturing the essence of Goan comfort food. If you're vegetarian, you can delight in dishes like Roasted Squash with Goat Cheese and Caldeen, or the Barbecued Mushroom with Coconut Xacuti Base and Undo, offering smoky flavours and robust textures that are a testament to Goan culinary

Speaking of the host, Slink & Bardot treats mixology as an art form that intertwines tales of exile, empire, and exploration in meticulously crafted cocktails led by Head Mixologist Santosh Kukreti. With a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, Slink & Bardot's cocktail program pays homage to untold stories from different eras through their extensive menu of classic and signature cocktails, including Buzz-Free options for non-alcoholic alternatives.

Slink & Bardot and Padaria Prazeres converge at the crossroads of European culinary elegance, embodying a shared dedication to the refined artistry of dining. With attention to sourcing the finest local and seasonal ingredients, these establishments curate experiences steeped in the rich traditions of European gastronomy. As they unite for an upcoming pop-up soirée, the fusion of Slink & Bardot's mixology mastery and Padaria Prazeres' gastronomic heritage promises an exquisite tapestry of flavours, inviting guests on a journey that celebrates the timeless allure of European dining. It's a harmonious rendezvous of cultures and epicurean values, where every bite and sip evokes a sense of indulgence, sophistication, and the shared joy of culinary discovery.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, pack your appetite, and head over to Slink & Bardot for a taste of Goa right here in Bombay. Drop by for a cosy dinner, leisurely brunch or a quick coffee and baked treats at our special bake sale on Sunday, featuring irresistible treats like Pasteis de Nata, Custard & Strawberry Jam Berliners, Chicken Sausage Rolls, and Feta & Red Amaranth Sausage Rolls.

When: March 30 - Saturday Dinner & March 31 - Sunday Brunch & Dinner

Where: Slink & Bardot - Thadani House 329/A Opposite Indian Coast Guard RHQ, Worli Village, Mumbai