10 Homegrown Makeup Products That Balance Ease, Innovation, & Appeal

L: Simply Nam Clean Lashes Waterproof Mascara
R: Gush Beauty Squishy Blush
L: Simply Nam Clean Lashes Waterproof Mascara R: Gush Beauty Squishy Blush

There is something truly satisfying about using your face as your canvas and if the number of rising makeup influencers, micro and otherwise, are anything to go by, makeup is much more than for cosmetic purposes. People from all walks of life use makeup and attire to reinvent their image and express their identity. From the choice of using only organic products to wearing the colours of the rainbow, people paint their faces with makeup in many ways. 

Owing to the increasing market space in India, the number of homegrown beauty brands has steadily been rising over the last decade. There has also been an uptick with regard to the entry of international brands in India. But there are some truly homegrown Indian makeup brands with products that have caught our eye, here at Homegrown India and we can’t get enough of them. The reasons they caught our eye vary from their downright cute packaging to their solution-oriented approach to their innovativeness. 

1. La Mior - ‘Can Do It All' Velvet Liquid Lipstick

While liquid lipsticks have had their time in the light and might have even taken a step back for gloss in 2023, there are still ardent fans of the product. La Mior’s ‘Can Do It All’ Velvet Lipstick has a velvety, hydrating finish and is available in 12 nude shades that can suit the spectrum of Indian skin tones. While the formulation and options of shades are great, its matte finish, and squiggly (is there another word for it?) packaging gives it an extra something in our books. And best of all they are clean, vegan and cruelty-free. 

2. Gush Beauty - Squishy Blush

There is something truly intriguing about certain textures - like feathers, slime, or bubble wrap - the tactile experience is one that most people love, and when it comes to makeup, it’s not different. We all love our products whose textures are a little different. Gush Beauty’s Squishy Blush is exactly what its name says. While the product itself is a serum-infused liquid blush, it comes in a unique squishy packaging that is fun and playful. It is available in 3 shades that are suited for Indian skin tones and are extremely blendable. 

3. Disguise Cosmetics - Make Your Own Palette

There was a time when makeup lovers used to get their palettes and products imported in because we simply didn’t have enough options in India. But with brands like Disguise Cosmetics, that trend is quickly changing. The 6-pan magnetic eye shadow palette is reminiscent of the once-iconic-now-notorious Z Palette. Or simply a much cheaper version of the customisable MAC Pro Palette. With Disguise, you can choose any 6 eyeshadows from a range of 16 hues that are not made from talc, offer intense colour, and in a range of finishes. 

From frosted cream cashew to satin green fern, the colours range the realm of frosted, metallic, and satin, giving the customer the option to mix and match the perfect palette for them. Most importantly, it is a magnetic palette, which means that you can buy all the colours individually and make up your own palette, when in need. 

4. Tint Cosmetics - Stamp & Slay Eyeliner 

While there are many markers of being good with makeup, there is a certain finesse that is required to master the cat-eye liner. And for those without a steady hand, it is nothing but an elusive dream. There have been many products in the international markets that came up with eyeliner stickers, stencils and stamps. Tint Cosmetics’ Stamp & Slay Eyeliner is a homegrown product with the same intent, meant for Indian makeup lovers. The tool claims to be able to help one achieve flawless winged eyeliner in seconds. With its stamp applicator on one side and precision pen liner on the other, it is a fool-proof way to achieve the cat-eye liner. While we have yet to try the product out, we sure are intrigued to know if it does indeed work. 

5. Typsy Beauty - Enchanted Garden 3D Rose Blush

We’re all guilty of buying products just because they look beautiful. When it comes to makeup, we’ve all been swayed by pop culture themes and intricate ornamentations. Typsy is an Indian beauty brand whose 3D Rose Blush looks too good to be real. And perhaps too pretty to be used. Buti the rose-shaped cream blush from Typsy Beauty does have a 3D look and the brand claims that the shape will not melt or lose shape right away. The dewy finish blush is infused with Carnauba and Vitamin E and is available in 5 shades. 

6. Simply Nam - Clean Lashes Waterproof Mascara

While Simply Nam’s mascara tube may seem rather plain, the product is anything but. Featuring a comb-like brush, the mascara claims to deliver results that lengthen, curl, strengthen and lift your eyelashes. They promise to deliver on all this, with intense black colour and no smudging and clumping too. While this may seem like a tall order, developed by the expert celebrity artist Namrata Soni, the product is one that has garnered rave reviews from customers. 

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