A Homegrown Guide To Shade-Inclusive Beauty Brands

A Homegrown Guide To Shade-Inclusive Beauty Brands

It was merely a decade or two ago, when makeup meant putting on products that were in your aspirational skin shade. The idea that fair skin was beautiful, or that it is what people should aspire for, has caused many among us to struggle with insecurities. But right now, at the beginning of 2023, with more open conversations and vibrant online spaces that are accepting, people are letting go of these notions of socially constructed beauty ideals. More creators talk about choosing and wearing makeup that highlights their best features, and celebrates their true, individual self.

Understanding the need for inclusive choices, like Fenty Beauty or Basma Beauty in the US, there are an increasing number of Indian brands that cater to a wider range of skin tones, such as:

Type Beauty

Driven by the need to create makeup that is suited for people’s varying skin textures, shades, and even concerns, Type Beauty is perhaps the standout star in this list. With 4 different formulations and 26 shades in each of those variants, they are a dream come true for those who have been struggling to find their perfect shade match. With their helpful quizzes and clean formula, Type Beauty is quickly gaining the attention of makeup lovers, especially since they offer a multitude of other makeup products that are formulated with the ‘beauty of science.’

Check out the brand's whole range of foundations on the website.

PAC Cosmetics 

This brand came into the interest of many a makeup lover, due to the sheer number of products they offer. From an oil primer to multi-color palettes to even fake lashes, PAC Cosmetics is an affordable brand for those who are looking to learn and experiment with makeup. Touted by many as a passable dupe for the beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid, PAC Cosmetics HD Liquid foundation has 26 shade variants. The Spotlight liquid foundation from the brand might be a little less popular, but is of comparable quality.

You can buy the PAC Cosmetics HD Liquid foundation here.

Color Chemistry

This new entrant into the makeup game is created by the founders of the skincare brand Juicy Chemistry. Their foundation is infused with skin-loving ingredients such as Rosehip and Green Tea and is Ecocert Certified, like the products from Juicy Chemistry. With 20 shades that are interestingly named - from Chickpea to Hickory - their range of foundations are close to nature in the formulation and finish. This buildable light-medium coverage foundation offers a dewy finish. 

You can shop this foundation on their website.

Kay by Katrina 

This celebrity brand is one that entered the Indian makeup field three years ago. With an easy-to-blend formulation and over 20 shades, the hydrating foundation from Kay by Katrina has become one of their popular products. In addition to this, they also have compact powders and concealers that have also become well-loved by Indian makeup enthusiasts. 

This brand is exclusively available only on nykaa.com

While the brown lipsticks and cargo pants of the 90s are back in trend again, nobody is hoping to go back to wearing the wrong foundation shades again. After all, with the renewed love that this generation has for staying true to themselves, and the sheer variety of perfectly suited foundations at their disposal, why would they want to go back? 

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