3 Homegrown Artists Who Are Using Customized Merch As A Canvas For Self-Expression
L: Anirudh Kadav R: Sahil Singh

3 Homegrown Artists Who Are Using Customized Merch As A Canvas For Self-Expression

Artist's merchandise becomes a canvas for self-expression, a way for fans to connect with their favourite artists and proudly display their artistic allegiances. Each tee, hat, or koozie tells a story, reflecting the unique style, design, and creative process of the artist who birthed it. It's a chance to wear your heart (or artistic preferences) on your sleeve, a personalized statement that speaks volumes about your taste and aligns you with a specific artistic vision.

Today, we dive into the creative universes of three distinct artists whose personalized shirts pulsate with their own unique flavor and message.

1. Osheen Siva

From Tamil Nadu, India, Osheen Siva is a multidisciplinary artist whose art breaks all boundaries. Their projects often delve into the sociopolitical fabric of our times, tackling themes of feminism, the power of the LGBTQ+ community, and dismantling the caste system. 

Siva's Kaadhal shirt embodies a softer side of their artistic expression. "Kaadhal," meaning affection, intimacy, and love in Tamil (Siva's native language and one of the world's oldest classical languages), speaks to the artist's desire to create a garment that celebrates togetherness and tenderness. The artwork itself, and the message it conveys, offer a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of Siva's art.  

2. Anirudh Kadav

Anirudh Kadav's art is a juicy explosion of colour and summery delights. His illustrations capture the essence of the season, with depictions of fresh nimbu (lemons), aamras (mango pulp), and other delectable treats. Kadav's Aamras artwork specifically pays homage to the hardworking Kokankars, the people who toil under the scorching sun to bring these luscious fruits to our tables. Their dedication, translated onto a vibrant tee, transforms a summer staple into an emblem of joy and sweetness. 

The shirts are not just visually appealing but also exceptionally comfortable. Breathable cotton and thoughtful design guarantee a relaxed fit that will keep you cool and stylish all summer long. 

3. Sahil Singh

Known for creating album art for independent musicians, Singh partners with various music artists to translate their voices onto wearable canvases. Take, for instance, his collaboration with Karun on the "Qabool Hai" merchandise, or his design for the "TMKG" merchandise of Chaar Diwari. 

By joining forces with other artists, he creates a synergy that amplifies their voices and allows fans to connect not just with a singular artistic vision but with an entire creative community. 

More than that, his personal merch also contains edgy designs that allures many like MEDALLION, Hawk Tee, GHOST, and more.

In the end, having merch is beyond “just stuff”. It is about aligning yourself with a creative force, a way to participate in an artistic conversation.