A Bitter Feeling Studio's Ceramics Blend Artistic Appeal & A Dash Of The Peculiar

The I Can't Handle It Ceramic Lamp and Palais De Bulle Candle From Delhi Based Ceramic Brand A Bitter Feeling Studio by Sanna Qazi
Each piece from A Bitter Feeling is infused with nostalgia, but with a modern twist. A Bitter Feeling Studio

From the handle of an old steel mug at home to the knocker hanging off the large double door of a heritage building, the curved handles of the ‘I Can’t Handle It' lamp from A Bitter Feeling Studio stirred references to a million objects I’ve encountered in passing. The Delhi-based studio is a living gallery and workshop for peculiar handmade ceramics.

Taking a unique approach to pottery, the ceramic studio blends traditional techniques like hand pinching with contemporary design. The brand is unique in its intentional design ideas and its one-of-a-kind interpretations of them. Each piece from A Bitter Feeling Studio reflects the artistry of the craftsperson and the individuality of those who have found a place for it in their space. 

Founded by Sanna Qazi, who draws from the elegance of mid-century design, each piece from A Bitter Feeling is infused with nostalgia, but with a modern twist. These contemporary yet timeless designs are a harmonious blend of art and functionality that are designed to be integrated into your daily life and perhaps even spark conversation.

With a core philosophy of "exploring the unusual aspects of reality, while searching for a new perspective on the nature of an object," the brand bridges the gap between aesthetics and functionality. The visually and tangibly unique objects from A Bitter Feeling Studio are literally a pleasure, to have and to hold.

Divided into two segments, the studio crafts custom lamps when commissioned under the title of ‘collectibles’, while its ‘tender objects’ offer more affordable, off-the-rack pieces that still bear their signature appeal. The tender objects collection includes seven ashtray variants and two candles; all functional ceramics suffused with the studio’s artist flair. The many ashtray variants from the PAT (Personal Ash Tray) to the Four Fold, elevate mundanity into art that is hand-pinched from stoneware and coated in food-grade glaze. The Palais Bulle is a piece that truly stood out to me: a candle inspired by a striking French home designed by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag. Its scent is one reminiscent of the serenity of being on the brink of a pond, surrounded by blooming wildflowers. 

The ‘Collectibles’ range of lamps consists of high-end, made-to-order pieces whose prices are available on request. These keepsake pieces are unique creations that are inspired by a multitude of elements - from the shape of a parabola to the ghostly figure of ‘Casper’ the Friendly Ghost. The earlier mentioned ‘I Can’t Handle It’ lamp is another collectible that features ‘graceful arcs of form and function’; a beautiful depiction of the simplicity and utility of handles. 

Reaffirming the notion of art that’s both beautiful and functional, the limited releases from A Bitter Feeling Ceramic Studio are meant for those who seek elevated pieces for their living spaces that speak to their unique sensibilities. Each design from the brand is born from the artist’s whimsy and are distinctive handcrafted pieces of art that could find a place in most modern homes. 

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