A Homegrown Brand Is Putting Everything You Love About Indian Tea In A Bottle Of Gin

A Homegrown Brand Is Putting Everything You Love About Indian Tea In A Bottle Of Gin
Jin JiJi

Just a breath after from the recently celebrated World Gin Day on June 8, the exploration of unique gins continues.

In the ever-evolving world of gin, many brands are getting recognition for showcasing the distinct botanical treasures of their regions. They are staying true to their heritage while crafting exceptional artisanal spirits, effectively redefining the very essence of Indian gin.

Jin JiJi, whose name translates from Hindi as "zest for life" (जिजीविषा), perfectly embodies this philosophy. Launched in 2019, it has quickly gained international acclaim, gracing shelves in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and across Europe. Notably, Jin JiJi has secured its place amongst the finest spirits, having clinched a Gold medal at the World Spirits Competition in 2020.

India, a land often dubbed the "world's botanical garden", provides the foundation for Jin JiJi gin. Here, a diverse selection of botanicals is carefully chosen. From the revered Tulsi leaf, commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, to calming chamomile, each ingredient contributes its unique character to the spirit. However, the undisputed star remains the wild juniper, sourced from the Himalayas, which adds its essential backbone to this distinctive Indian gin.

The 'India Dry Gin' is the quintessential expression of Jin JiJi. Each sip is a class in the balance of aromas. Soft juniper notes intertwine with the sweetness of various spices, while delicate hints of chamomile and mint dance on the nose, culminating in a delightful citrus finish. This symphony of flavors is a true testament to the masterful blending process.

Jin JiJi Darjeeling is an homage to India's iconic Masala Chai, a spiced tea enjoyed by millions. The secret surprise is the inclusion of the highest quality Darjeeling tea, alongside the signature botanicals like Tulsi and Goan cashew. This unique blend caters to both tea aficionados and gin enthusiasts, offering a truly special drinking experience.

The Darjeeling variant boasts a bouquet of juniper and mint, interwoven with the subtle fragrance of freshly picked tea leaves. The complexity doesn't stop there. The palate is treated to a delightful interplay of warmth from herbs and orris root, complemented by the zesty notes of ginger and citrus.

Jin JiJi is a celebration of a quintessentially Indian spirit and has captured the essence of masala chai in a bottle. This is precisely the kind of spirit that will take you on a journey through the flavors of India.