Diaspora Co. Is Taking A Radically New Approach To Spice Cultivation In South Asia

Diaspora Co.
Diaspora Co. Diaspora Co.

Working at the intersection of food and culture, Sana Javeri Kadri, a young woman born and raised in Mumbai noticed that our native spice markets haven't quite changed since the colonial era. While farmers made no money and spices changed hands upwards multiple times before reaching the consumer, even the final spice on our shelves was usually an old version lacking its fresh aroma and essence. 

She decided to take charge and change this system by attempting to understand the market. This was done through farm visits and one life-changing meeting with the good folks at the Indian Institute of Spices Research. In 2017, Sana founded Diaspora Co. at the age of 23 where the goal was to grow a radically new, truly equitable spice trade and to push a broken system into an equal exchange. This was achieved by healing the relationship with the soil and farmers that are the backbone of South Asian agriculture

They tend to grow at the rate of agriculture which means that when the harvest sells out they stop production for the season. This in turn helps the soil to regenerate instead of losing all its nutrients due to overproduction. The brand rooted in sustainability and equity is led by South Asians, who are fostering a food system that will build climate resilience, while truly connecting with the culture and heritage of the regions where the spices are sourced from. Exploring what "Made in South Asia" means, and how we tell our own stories of freedom, struggle, and diaspora through food. 

You can explore their wide collection of spices here.