#HGSupply: 3 Homegrown Erotic Games For Adults Who Never Stopped Playing

Adult games help improve intimacy and honest communication.
Adult games help improve intimacy and honest communication.MyMuse India

The rekindling of your love life may sometimes appear under the guise of a seemingly obvious party trick like a deck of naughty cards or a loaded game of twister. But make no mistake, in a country that is arguably the world's third largest consumer of porn, defusing tension and reinvigorating a complacent imagination can sometimes be the mainstay for the industry of adult toys or 'sex-tech'. As Indian lovers grow more diverse and self aware, the need for greater foreplay and embracing oddities in the bedroom can be better fulfilled through such clever inventions. Here are three homegrown adult games that could poke at your logs, so to speak.

I. Under The Sheets — MyMuse

Founded by power couple Anushka and Sahil Gupta, MyMuse is in the business of unboxing the stigma around boudoir adventures with their covertly packaged 'massagers' (aka vibrators) and bedroom candles shipped out to more than 200 cities across the country. But it is really their card games like Under The Sheets, Thirsty and AntiDate that are keeping lovers up at night. With below-the-waist prompts and unblushing dares, Under The Sheets boasts a deck of 150 cards, each of them designed to spill the beans about your previous conquests or help make some new ones.

You can order your deck here.

II. Monogamy — Love Depot

An offshoot of TTK Healthcare, a leading contraceptive brand in our country, Love Depot has been keeping up with the kinks and their burlesque version of a popular board game is helping couples rediscover sensuality. Monogamy uses suggestion cards corresponding to coloured spaces on a circular board to push the envelope towards more experimentation and an honest exchange of secret fantasies. As the players cast their dice, chances are they may land on the feisty, heart-shaped tabs where unspeakable scenarios await them.

You can buy this board game here.

Trace a pleasure map across your partner's body with this board game.
Trace a pleasure map across your partner's body with this board game.IMbesharam.com

III. imBesharam Oral Sex Game

Conceived in 2011, imBesharam is India's veteran erotic e-store that has been doling out blindfolds and flesh lights, before other entrepreneurs had jumped into the hot tub. Their Oral Sex Game, as brazen as that sounds, is a board game that doesn't pussyfoot around with what it is trying to accomplish. You roll the dice, move the markers across the board and wherever you land, you will find an illustration of the curve of a neck or the dimples around a lower back. These are the parts on your partner's body you must trace with your tongue, across the pleasure map, unto the final pot of gold at the end of the figurative rainbow.

You can place an order for it here.

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