Homegrown Winter Skincare Essentials For Your Post-Holiday New Year

A homegrown guide to some winter skincare essentials.
A homegrown guide to some winter skincare essentials. L: Refraction : Friday Feeling

We’ve all binge drank our way through the holidays and treated ourselves to treats galore and it’s finally time for the reckoning. The alcohol, the food, and dropping our usual routines that we deluded ourselves into thinking ‘doesn’t count’ during the holiday season is probably catching up to you, and your body, probably starting with the skin. 

Although some may deem the New Year arbitrary, there is no time like right now to start anew. If there is one sure thing that the December lifestyle (one which this writer looks forward to every year) can do to someone, it is ruining their skin. From harsh weather and dryness to too much alcohol and sugar and not enough sun or sleep, you are probably looking to give yourself some skin in need of some serious TLC right about now. And even if you are one of the select stayed on track during the last couple of weeks, it is still a chance to look closer at your skincare routine and make some necessary changes if needed - starting with winter skincare essentials that soothe, hydrate and protect your skin as well as those that deeply nourish your skin for some much-needed recovery. 

I. Masic Beauty Skin Juice: Lavender Rosé Body Oil

A beauty and lifestyle brand founded by established beauty content creator Malvika Sitlani and her best friend Veronica Bahl, Masic Beauty was founded with a vision to create a luxurious skincare brand that is still budget-friendly. The vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand offers everything from candles to bath essentials. But if your body is in dire need of nourishment, their Skin Juice: Lavender Rose Body Oil is something that you need to try. The quick-absorbing body oil includes a blend of skin-healthy oils such as Sesame Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Geranium Oil, Rose Flower Oil and of course, Lavender Oil and a healthy dose of Olive derived Squalane. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy oil is best used after a shower twice a day, and can be used on the entire body, layered over your favourite body lotion, especially on areas that need more hydration like elbows and knees. 

Get the Skin Juice here.

II. Friday Feeling Second Nature Sunscreen

Whether it is rain or shine, winter or summer, whether you are bed rotting or are running out and about - the non-negotiable necessity of using sunscreen for good skin is perhaps one thing that all skin experts will agree on. Friday Feeling is a brand that was created by a duo that believed in the need to create select products that do their job well, rather than amassing a large array of products. Their Second Nature sunscreen is a great bet for the winter season as it is super lightweight, but filled with necessary humectants. It also won’t make you feel like you’ve slugged on creams, but still does its job well with SPF 50+ PA+++ and even more so, provides pollution defence- an increasing concern in most bigger cities in India right now. 

Get yourself Second Nature here.  

III. Refraction Saviour Salve

In the world of hyper-specific skincare products, the Saviour Salve from Refraction walks a different path. The product that proudly declares ‘anytime, anywhere, anyplace’ is a multipurpose skincare salve that is versatile and can address a multitude of skincare concerns. 

Containing some of the most nourishing natural ingredients that range from Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Carrot Seed Oil, Sativa Seeds, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera to Olive Oil and Castor Oil, the product is designed to nourish and rescue skin that needs serious pampering. From using it as a salve as intended to even as lip balm, makeup primer and even to control tame and slick back fly-away hair, the suggestions are endless. This versatile addition to your skincare routine might just be what your skin needs to amp up on the moisturisation and rejuvenation. 

Get the Saviour Salve here.

IV. Conscious Chemist Snail Magic Barrier Repair Cream

From CosRx’s iconic product to a whole range of Southeast Asian Skincare products, Snail Mucin is an ingredient that has been talked to death about. While the effectiveness of the same is something that one should talk to a skincare expert, or even better a dermatologist about, the Conscious Chemist Snail Magic Barrier Repair Cream is a great overall moisturiser that nourishes the skin deeply, sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. While the texture might be slightly runny, the product is great especially for parched skin, especially if you are layering it with other skin care products.

Get The Snail Magic Barrier Repair All In One Cream here.

V. The Dearist Sea Buckthorn Berry and Calendula Oil 

As a brand, The Dearist takes a holistic, i.e., inside-out approach towards beauty and wellness. While they deeply work towards educating their audience, they offer products in addition to their workshops and private consultations. The Sea Buckthorn Berry and Calendula Oil from the brand is an anti-inflammatory product that is intensely nourishing and can help address multiple conditions when just 2 drops of it are mixed along with your favourite gel, cream, moisturiser or even serum. The presence of fatty acids in the oil makes it a great product for winters, maintaining the skin barrier, and locking moisture in to maintain its elasticity and improve overall skin health. 

Get your Sea Buckthorn Berry and Calendula Oil here.

VI. The Skin Diet Company Avocado Serum

If you’re someone who wants to improve your overall skin tone and brighten your dehydrated and compromised skin, The Skin Diet Company’s Glow Booster Avocado Serum is a great product to consider. The brand aims to revolutionise skincare by incorporating superfoods into its products that address varying skin health needs. The serum is a non-sticky, non-greasy hydrating serum with a milky texture aimed at making the skin soft and supple. The product is enriched with Squalane and Jojoba which addresses various skin issues, in addition to employing the transformative power of avocados, supported by rigorous scientific testing.

Get your Avocado Serum here.

VII. The Lip Balm Company Apple Ko. Lip Balm

Part of the LIPrepare Lip Mask range, The Lipbalm Company's Apple Ko. Lip Balm is a winter skincare essential for post-holiday tired lips. Available in two sizes, 7g and 10g, this lip balm is formulated with Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Real Apple Extracts, boasting 100% plant origin and organic content. It promises a range of benefits, including treating lip sensitivity, healing, repairing, plumping, and hydrating. Suitable for all genders and ages 2 and above, the recommended usage is at bedtime for a minimum of 12 hours of hydration. The balm addresses issues like chapping, dryness, and irritation caused by makeup, making it ideal for frequent lip cosmetic users. With an off-white to translucent appearance and a mild apple scent, the lip balm stands out for its natural ingredients and wooden insulation designed to preserve its flow properties. 

Get the Apple Ko. Lip Balm here.

VIII. Clay Co Beauty Rice & Sake Sleep Mask 

As a brand Clay Co. aims to bring ancient beauty rituals from around the world to India, to provide a soulful, mindful, and holistic skincare experience. They are a brand resolute in their commitment to sustainability which includes biodegradable packaging and ethical sourcing, aligning with their purpose of promoting overall well-being. Their Rice & Sake Sleep Mask with Vitamin C is a Japanese-inspired gel-based night mask designed to rejuvenate and hydrate tired winter skin. Suitable for all skin types and best used in the evening, it combines the goodness of Sake, which is rich in amino acids for moisturising and gentle exfoliation, and Vitamin C, an antioxidant promoting a natural glow. The lightweight gel formula ensures easy absorption into the skin, even its deepest layers, promising a dewy glow in the morning after leaving it on overnight. 

Get your Rice & Sake Sleeping Mask here.

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