Homegrown Skincare Brand Suhi & Sego's Journey Is Rooted In Heritage And Innovation

Personalization is a cornerstone of Suhi & Sego's ethos.
Personalization is a cornerstone of Suhi & Sego's ethos.Suhi & Sego

I came across Suhi & Sego through a creator friend who I consider to be my guide to all things holistic and wellness-oriented in India. With personalised packaging, and even more appealingly, personalised formulation, the brand was intriguing, to say the least. Sejal and Ishaani Goyal are the New Delhi-based sibling duo behind Suhi & Sego, a brand that has captured the essence of personalised skincare while honouring their family's legacy.

The story of Suhi & Sego begins with the sisters' grandmother - their Dadi. Drawing inspiration from her naturopath father-in-law, Dadi concocted herbal remedies that nurtured the skin and soul. These elixirs, brewed in her kitchen, formed the basis of the sisters' connection with skin care. "Self-care was ingrained into us from a very young age," Sejal reminisces.

Their Dadi was a trailblazer in her time, with a skincare brand that stretched across India and even reached the shores of the US. Her products were formulated with a unique philosophy: "wellness at its core," using natural ingredients. Sejal and Ishaani's return after graduation marked the genesis of Suhi & Sego, a brand that aims to carry forward their grandmother's legacy with a modern twist.

Personalization is a cornerstone of Suhi & Sego's ethos. But what exactly does personalised skin care entail? Ishaani explains, "We create custom-made products tailored to your exact skin profile, lifestyle, and environment." The journey begins with a series of thoughtful questions that delve into your skin's unique characteristics and concerns.

The personalised approach embraced by Suhi & Sego stems from the realisation that one size does not fit all. "Why should someone with dry skin use an oil-free serum?" Ishaani asks. This philosophy led to the creation of personalised formulations that cater to individual skin, environment, and lifestyle. Moreover, the brand's commitment to using 95% naturally derived ingredients is a tribute to nature's efficacy in skincare.

Age is a critical factor in formulation, ensuring that ingredients are tailored to your skin's maturity level. A day cream for mature skin boasts robust peptides for repair, while a younger skin variant focuses on different needs. Factors such as environment also come into play. "If you live in a polluted area, your formulation will include active ingredients for pollution protection," Sejal adds.

Their love for their products is palpable when Sejal and Ishaani delve into their favourites. Sejal is captivated by the Super Star Night Serum, praising its multifunctionality and hydration. "It's completely fragrance and essential oil free and just sinks into the skin beautifully," she enthuses. Ishaani, on the other hand, cherishes the Dew Face Cream Cleanser, perfectly tailored to her dry, eczema-prone skin. "It effectively removes dirt and grime without leaving my skin tight and dry," she reveals.

Among their offerings, the Dew Face Cream Cleanser stands tall as a crowd favourite. "It's hard to find a product that cleanses effectively without stripping the skin," Ishaani explains. The invigorating scent and customization according to skin type make it addictive and effective. For those with dry and sensitive skin, a creamy, non-foaming variant is created. With a focus on building positive skin health routines, their products are simple and buildable.

Creating a Suhi & Sego product is a labour of love that spans months of meticulous effort. It all starts with understanding their customers' desires and needs. "We then chalk out our plan, from non-negotiables to packaging aesthetics," Sejal elaborates. Their in-house R&D team collaborates to create formula iterations, followed by multiple rounds of consumer testing. External lab testing ensures quality and safety, while the design team crafts primary and secondary packaging. This intricate back and forth between formulation and design culminates in the launch of a product that resonates with the brand's vision. "We only launch what we are 100% in love with," Ishaani asserts.

The sisters embody an approach that blends dedication with enjoyment. "We wake up every single day and show up to work, rain or shine," Sejal reveals. Laughter and camaraderie are abundant, celebrating small victories and embracing breaks when needed. Their journey is a testament to the power of finding joy in the pursuit of one's dreams.

Building Suhi & Sego hasn't been without its share of challenges. The skincare landscape is teeming with new entrants, both Indian and international. The sisters see this competition as an opportunity to constantly reinvent themselves. "The biggest challenge, and the most fun part, has been figuring out how we can do things differently," Sejal asserts.

Sejal and Ishaani have taken the wisdom passed down through generations and combined it with modern innovation to create a brand that resonates with every individual's unique journey. Through personalised skincare, they aren't just crafting products; they're crafting a narrative that celebrates heritage, individuality, and the joy of self-care.

You can follow Suhi & Sego here and shop their collection here.

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