Huemn x Royal Enfield's Latest Drop Captures The Vibrant Tapestry Of Urban Mumbai

A Shot of Mumbai
A Shot of MumbaiHuemn x Royal Enfield

Every city has its signature, an essence that one can truly know only by living within its heartbeat. This romantic allure of exploring a city intersects with the thrill of riding roadster motorcycles, such as the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, crafted for urban journeys and the pulse of everyday commuting. It's within this dynamic narrative that Huemn's collaborative collection 'A Shot of Mumbai' comes alive; blending fashion, the urban traveler, and motoculture into a vibrant tapestry of style and adventure.

'A Shot of Mumbai' is a fusion of Huemn's bold aesthetics and Royal Enfield's timeless charm. The designs resonate with electric blues, fiery reds, and a spectrum of peppy hues, each echoing the soul of Mumbai and its kaleidoscope of artistry. This collection embodies the spirit of exploration, a foray into uncharted territories, be it in personal style or the thrill of life on two wheels. It mirrors the dynamism of Mumbai, a city famed for its bustling streets and magnetic culture, serving as a heartfelt tribute to this vibrant metropolis.

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350, a much-anticipated addition to the mid-size roadster motorcycle segment, has garnered attention since 2022. With its compact yet robust design, it has become a favourite among younger riders, especially Gen Z and millennials, ushering them into the Royal Enfield legacy.

Among the standout pieces in 'A Shot of Mumbai' is the limited-edition t-shirt, featuring a hand-drawn print that encapsulates Mumbai's vision as a living canvas of art and vitality. The riotous palette of colors awakens the senses, symbolizing human expression of diversity and the exhilaration of riding. Crafted using a water-based screen-printing technique with 3D rubberized elements, this print offers a tactile experience like no other.

Complementing the apparel is a limited-edition denim, designed for comfort and style. The soft-washed, 100% cotton denim boasts a light faded finish and a baggy fit, allowing unrestricted movement for urban adventures. Details like a raw, distressed hemline, adjustable drawstring waist, and Hunter 350 x Huemn metal buttons add a touch of rugged elegance. The denim also features machine-embroidered pockets showcasing the 'A Shot of Mumbai' skyline silhouette, a signature motif of the collection.

For riders seeking both safety and style, the open-faced bobber helmet with a bubble visor is a standout piece. Inspired by Mumbai's towering skyline and iconic neighbourhoods, this helmet is designed to be a trusted companion as you navigate the city streets on your Hunter 350.

In essence, 'A Shot of Mumbai' is more than a collection; it's a celebration of urban exploration, artistic expression, and the enduring allure of the Royal Enfield experience. It invites riders and fashion enthusiasts alike to embrace the spirit of adventure and the vibrant soul of Mumbai, one ride and one stylish ensemble at a time.

Check out the collection here.

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