Pleasure Yourself This Valentine's Day With Homegrown's Sexual Wellness Gifting Guide

The Homegrown Valentine's Day Gifting Guide
The Homegrown Valentine's Day Gifting GuideL: Leezus R: Sangya Project

It’s that time of the year again when the internet is filled with ideas for gifts for the hims, hers, and thems. But this year at Homegrown, we wanted to put together a guide that is perfect for those who might not be partnered. Whether you’re single by choice, stuck in a situationship, or in your healing era, the impending Valentine’s Day might be intense with the constant advertisements for couple’s offers and matching gifts. But we wanted to say that we see those who might want to just stay home and masturbate instead of agonising over their singleness. 

For that reason, here are a few gift boxes and treats that you can give yourself to love yourself this Valentine's Day.

That Sassy Thing

Candy, Taco or Lit - self-love that is sweet, spicy or sucky (in a good way, of course), That Sassy Thing is a brand that has massager options aplenty. The brand’s V-day gift box is available in two variants - to suit your specific needs. For the ladies, the Smitten Kitten Pack is purr-fect, featuring the sleek Candy Massager with 12 speeds, Sox Socks to keep your tootsies cosy, and the Lit massager to give some special attention to your lit with a C. The men folk in the meantime can treat themselves to the Smitten Hard pack with the Taco Massager for ultimate pleasure, a versatile Tie for a little play and a lotta spicing up, and the Lit Massager for discreet indulgences. Both sets include DTF Lube for smooth sailing and the Pour Candle for sensual massage experiences. So whether you're feeling frisky or fancy, these boxes have got you covered!

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Peppy For All

Peppy as a brand was founded with the focus of making sexual wellness solutions accessible and inclusive. They follow this mission by having conversations that defy taboos, empower self-discovery and of course provide products that offer affordable pleasure. Whether you choose the Mighty Raju bullet massager for women or the Blo stroking massager for men, they suggest pairing it up with their Moan water-based lube - a combo that the brand has now curated into affordable bundles. According to the brand, the combination of these products is “designed to elevate intimacy and take your pleasure to the next level.”

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When it comes to sexual wellness and pleasure, MyMuse is a brand that most people are familiar with. From its engaging and cheeky content that sparks the right conversations to creating unique products that spark a better time in the bedroom, the brand has been creating innovative products over the last couple of years. This year for Valentine’s Day, they have launched an exclusive gift set that comes in three variants. This box includes their best-selling vibrator(s), lube, sexual essentials and a whole array of quirky freebies, all packed in a gift box that contains a secret message that is visible only through the provided rose-tinted glasses. The medium-sized gift box is the perfect option for some intense solo sessions, but if you’re looking to step the game up with a partner, the XL box might be worth the investment. 

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The Sangya Project 

Sangya as a brand talks widely about sexual fluidity, kinks and just how personal sexual experiences can be for each individual. The brand offers a wide range of sexual wellness products that range from basic bullet vibrators to queer-friendly and kink-affirmative products. While the brand doesn’t have a special V-day bundle, they are offering 50% off on their limited edition mini massager Sangya 55 - a sleek, S-shaped silicone massager with 12 intense settings, whose contoured shape hits all the right spots, but is necessarily firm as well for what the Sangya team calls the “pleasure and play of your dreams.”

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The Homegrown Valentine's Day Gifting Guide
Debunking Myths Around Sex & Sexuality: The Sangya Project Is A Space For Safe Pleasure & Kink


Founded by sexual educator Leeza Mangaldas, who has been creating educational resources online, starting necessary conversations around relationships, and gender and celebrating positive experiences surrounding the body and its capability for pleasure. Leezus is a personal care brand founded by Leeza that she hopes will change the game. They feature easy-to-use products that are thoughtfully designed, comfortable and super-cute. Their Valentine’s special that is titled ‘In The Mood for Love’ includes Pyari - their iconic massager that offers both suction and vibration, Ishq - a luxe scented candle to set the mood and their Coconut Self Love Oil - that is great for being paired with your toy (or person) of choice. And if you’re a guy, they have the Toofan Stroker, with a soft, ribbed interior. The brand claims that it feels like the real deal, especially when paired with their water-based Love Jelly. 

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