Mind, Body, & Soil: Oshadi Collective’s Latest Drop Is Rooted In Regeneration

Mind, Body, & Soil: Oshadi Collective’s Latest Drop Is Rooted In Regeneration
Oshadi Collective, Photographed by Raajadharshini

Erode origin Oshadi Collective was started in the textile-manufacturing heavy locale by the passionate and dedicated founder Nishanth Chopra, almost a decade ago. He started the collective as a way to integrate traditional agricultural and textile manufacturing practices with the demands of modern fashion needs. Over the last 8 years, the label has grown to be a triple threat of being a contemporary pret label, an artisanal textile company and a regenerative cotton farm. Working closely with local communities and artisans, they produce high-quality garments following their ‘seed-to-sew’ process.

Diverging from the traditional fashion cycle and systems, they adhere to the Tamil agricultural calendar - aligning their production cycle with nature’s time and tune rather than one that is man-made. The latest collection Mind, Body and Soil is an apt representation of how this unique system of being mindful of the soil, the moon, and the natural cycles of nature is taken up by the brand to create its pieces. Owing to their relentless dedication to the regenerative farming techniques that encourage better soil health, this collection has drawn the attention of everyone from Vogue Business to Financial Times to Oshadi Collective as an exemplifier of being a sustainable fashion label. 

Crafted entirely from regenerative cotton that is cultivated, spun, woven, and sewn in partnership with local farmers and artisans, ‘Mind, Body and Soil epitomises Oshadi's ethos in a myriad of ways. The signature pieces of the collection include quilted jackets, shirts, trousers, shorts and more, all of which employ traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities, and functional necessities. The garments are all made from organic cotton, are padded for softness and feature bold ikat weaves and block printing technique details. The collection is also crafted in a way that minimises usage of water, energy, and dye, and offcut fabrics are used for appliqué on T-shirts (or wherever possible) to reduce waste further.

Aesthetically, the timeless and seasonless separates for all genders from the collection have an identifiable South Indian air to them. From the ochre of turmeric to the gold of saffron from the red of madder earth to the muted browns of soil, the palette is inspired by the local flora and nature and achieved using natural, organic dyes wherever possible. With an unwavering dedication to the founder’s vision for Oshadi Collective, this collection has garnered wider attention and was lauded by everyone from Vogue Business to Financial Times. The latter publication included valuable inputs from the founder on their piece on ‘Why homespun is the new haute.’

"Our seed-to-sew process celebrates the farmer, the earth, the craftspeople and the materials. Our customers can trace their shirt from the field, confident in the knowledge that it’s made by a collective who are paid a living wage."

Nishanth Chopra, Founder of Oshadi Collective, Financial Times, April 29 2024

Challenging the conventional narratives and systems of the fashion world, while also declaring its presence as a brand to be reckoned with - The Mind, Body and Soil collection is a dedication to the rich generational knowledge and expertise of Indian artisans - from cotton pickers, dyers and weavers to master tailors and embroidery artists that are all part of the extended family of Oshadi. 

By staying true to its identity in everything from design and colour palettes to using Tamilian models including some of their employees and shooting in the very farm where the cotton for the clothes was made, Oshadi Collective is showcasing its authenticity and the beauty of its transparent approach, every step of the way. Seeking their loyalists as well as all those who are dedicated to the cause of sustainable practices to be more mindful in how they approach fashion, Oshadi Collective is a label that is leading the charge of change, when it comes to creating story-filled, intentionally-created pieces that is rooted in its land and its people. 

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