Navigating Gender-Fluidity Through Gen Z Fashion With Four Homegrown Creators

Myntra x Homegrown
Myntra x HomegrownYukti Chugh, Gaurav Pandey

Gen Z fashion is marked by a more inclusive and expansive approach to self-expression, defying rigid societal norms and stereotypes, often blurring the lines between masculine and feminine aesthetics, and allowing individuals to explore and experiment with a wide spectrum of styles, colours, and silhouettes. Representing a departure from the traditional concepts of clothing and style, this generation has truly embraced gender fluidity when it comes to fashion.

This shift towards gender-fluid fashion can be attributed to several factors, including increased awareness and acceptance of diverse gender identities as well as the influence of social media platforms fostering inclusivity.  Additionally, there’s a desire to challenge established conventions. The catalyst for this change is platforms like Myntra FWD, which make the inclusive, boundary-pushing trends and curated styles easily accessible; empowering and expanding Gen Z's fashion choices. 

To get to the pulse of this movement that caters to the whole spectrum of gender identities, we spoke to four homegrown creators who are part of Myntra Style Squad and at the centre of gender-fluid fashion. Each of them crafts their identities using their own personal style; merging both the masculine and the feminine through fashion.

Adlina Angelo

Adlina Angelo

Adlina is a Mumbai-based creator whose vivacious personality reflects in her content that covers everything from lifestyle to food. With  an innate love for street style, she attempts to amalgamate emerging Gen Z fashion trends into her style, which is still largely rooted in her Indian identity. 

Adlina thinks that gender-fluid fashion is here to stay. She believes that the force of new trends always leave an impact one way or the other and that the awareness of the blurring lines around gender identities that are seen among Gen Z will also permeate into fashion and self-expression. Bringing us global styles, trends and silhouettes, the creator credits online platforms for creating a cultural amalgamation of fashion.

Yukti Chugh

Yukti Chugh

Yukti’s ever-evolving taste in fashion is well acquainted with Gen Z aesthetics and fashion-forward moments that promote personal style. She subscribes to the idea of being comfortable and happy in your own skin and Since it’s “you do you” the world is your oyster. 

The creator likes an Indo-Western fit drawing inspiration from Indian prints, hand work and patterns that add an extra oomph to the look and help elevate a basic outfit.

She believes that fashion doesn’t have a gender and doesn’t care who the clothes were made for, as long as they fit the way she wants them to. The creator depends on online platforms whether it is social media or online shopping to keep up with trends and styles worldwide. 

“Even if you come from a small place and don’t have people who understand your style, being online helps you find a community that loves and supports you every step of the way, even when the love sometimes comes in the form of harsh comments, but again, was it even a slay, if you didn’t offend a few people?”
— Yukti Chugh
Mayur Saroj Rajput

Mayur Saroj Rajput

Mayur hails from the city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh and lived in Mumbai for 15 years as a fashion designer. Things changed for Mayur when they participated in Myntra Fashion Superstar in 2019 and was exposed to the social media industry and the world of content creation, which he was instantly drawn to. Mayur identifies as an agender person who expresses themself through the language of fashion.

The creator insists that for those who are exploring and developing their identities, fashion has become a tool to communicate who they are and what they stand for. Mayur’s aesthetic is gender-fluid and androgynous fashion with traditional Indian elements such as embroidery, prints and jewellery incorporated into his outfits. They hold fashion to be a key factor in bringing about positive change and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ identities, both globally and at home. Gender fluidity, according to them, is not a passing fad but a movement that has the potential to challenge gender norms and promote inclusivity and diversity. The fashion industry has a significant influence on culture and society, and Mayur insists that gender fluidity in fashion can have a positive impact as a whole in the way that it challenges harmful stereotypes and creates a more positive society.

Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav is a creator based in Delhi who believes in gender-neutral fashion. He likes exploring the styles and aesthetics of genders outside of his own and bringing out something new with experimentation when it comes to fashion. Gaurav is also inspired by K-pop and Korean fashion, which is largely gender-fluid.

The creator believes that for the current generation, fashion is a form of self-expression which also plays into our cultural identities. Gaurav points to our rich textile and craft heritage like Kalamkari and how it’s been here for centuries. He says that we may have missed out on it as a society but it’s making a comeback with Gen Z returning to their roots.

“Genderless fashion has existed around the globe historically. I don’t know what happened to us in between but gender fluidity has always been a part of our culture. It’s not something new. It has been here and will continue to be here because, yes, the future is genderless.”
— Gaurav Pandey

Like many others, most of Gaurav’s shopping happens online on platforms like Myntra because of its ease and accessibility which also play a major role in shifting the fashion trends of the new generation.

Empowering  the way Gen Z shops, Myntra has launched a one-of-a-kind immersive fashion destination, FWD,  for the latest trends and styles that we come across often on Instagram but have trouble curating. Myntra FWD is a brand-new, fashion-forward proposition offering elevated silhouettes, style inspiration and curated lookbooks to Gen Z shoppers across India. Delivering a differentiated in-app experience, Myntra FWD is working with 500+ leading brands and creators to craft over 65,000 trendy style options across gender-fluid fashion, streetwear, ethnic wear and a fusion of the two. It’s a cornucopia of stylistic expressions that reflect this generation's belief in the importance of self-acceptance and personal authenticity, celebrating the beauty of individuality and embracing fashion as a means of creative expression.

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