Upcycld's Eco-Conscious Functional Art Embraces Mindfulness, Sustainability, & Minimalism

‘Upcycld Art’, the brainchild of eco-artist Molly, elevates the concept of functional art with a focus on sustainability.
‘Upcycld Art’, the brainchild of eco-artist Molly, elevates the concept of functional art with a focus on sustainability.Upcycld

Traditionally, art has resided in museums and galleries, confined to walls and pedestals. Functional art disrupts this notion. It asserts that art can, and should, be integrated into everyday life. A chair, a painted lampshade – these are not just utilitarian objects, they elevate the mundane to the aesthetic. They transform the act of using these everyday items into an experience imbued with artistic appreciation.

In a world saturated with mass-produced, disposable items, functional art offers a powerful counterpoint. Each piece is carefully created, often from discarded materials. This imbues them with a unique story, a sense of history, and a deeper connection to the artist's vision.

‘Upcycld Art’, the brainchild of eco-artist Molly, elevates the concept of functional art with a focus on sustainability. By using scrap wood, they make a powerful statement about responsible consumption and resourcefulness, challenge the notion of 'disposability', and demonstrating the inherent beauty that can be found in what others consider waste.

They handcraft their own natural pigments from plants and rocks, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals typically found in paints. This dedication to eco-friendly practices ensures that the entire artistic process is as sustainable as possible.

The wood Molly uses has its own story, its own imperfections. This philosophy translates into one-of-a-kind pieces, each imbued with their own character. You won't find mass-produced uniformity here; every creation is a expression of Molly's art and the inherent beauty of reused materials.

With every purchase, Molly plants a tree through a partnered organization. This initiative not only offsets the carbon footprint of their business but also allows patrons to actively contribute to reforestation efforts.

Upcycld Art offers a unique selection of functional objects that bridge the gap between art and everyday utility. You'll find display pieces that showcase treasured mementos, hand-painted light fixtures that add a warm glow to your space, and even Upcycld surfaces that can be incorporated into your home decor.  The artwork itself draws inspiration from diverse sources — from the intricate patterns of Indian miniatures to the whimsical creatures found in tribal art forms.  

I personally love hwo upcycld art breathes new life into vintage chattels. Molly scours for pieces that hold stories beneath layers of dust and neglect, seeing their potential as canvases rather than cast-offs. These rejected items, often discarded due to minor defects or changing trends, are restored and transformed. Unlike traditional furniture refinishing, Upcycld Art embraces the wood's inherent character. Cracks, bruises, and imperfections become part of the narrative. Again, Molly's hand-painted art does its magic and draws inspiration from diverse sources like intricate Indian miniatures or natural landscapes. 

From upcycling discarded wood to using recycled packaging materials and even composting studio waste, Upcycld Art is showing us a holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

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