India’s First Women Only Led Street Art Festival Is Back With More

India’s First Women Only Led Street Art Festival Is Back With More

In the 1970s, high school kids in the streets of Bronx and Brooklyn started scrawling signature tags on subway cars and building with spray paint and markers. From its rather humble origins, street art today has evolved into a form of self-expression, storytelling, a form of dissent and to make political statements — whether it is Banksy in the West or Tyler in India.

Despite the immense popularity of street-related art and culture, within the conversation of hip-hop, street art, street culture and graffiti, women somewhere seem to get lost and fall through the cracks. However, if the past few years have been proof, women change narratives and more oft than not are creative forces to reckon with.

The future is inclusive and it’s about time we handed over the steering wheel to its creators. Enter Ladies First Street Art Festival (LFSA)– India’s first women-only street art festival. Collated by Graffiti agency Wicked Broz with the Military Road Residents Welfare Association (MRRWA), the festival organised from the 7th to 8th of March at the Marol Art Village in Andheri will be the second edition of the successful LFSA 2019. A dedicated platform for the top female talent in the country to showcase their talent, it will be hitting 3 cities simultaneously this year, which include Gurugram and Dehradun along with Mumbai.

The festival will see top female artists and illustrators working their magic on walls, multi-storied buildings and installations. LFSA 1.0 had other activities such as workshops, art exhibitions, talks, hip-hop cyphers, and screening of street art films as well.

LFSA is still in the process of curating their list for the event, for more information check out their Instagram, here.

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